Shareholders and Investors

Initiative Aimed at Enhancing Corporate Value
Lion’s Action

Based on the Lion Group Charter for Corporate Behavior, Lion actively works to disclose corporate information in a fair, accurate, and timely manner in order to secure the trust and understanding of shareholders, investors, and all other stakeholders. Lion also considers returning profits to shareholders on a continuous and stable basis by increasing its consolidated earnings capacity to be one of its most-important management issues.

IR Activities

Results of IR Activities in Fiscal 2017

Lion established the IR Office as a part of its Corporate Planning Department in order to actively promote dialogue with shareholders. Every effort is being made to create opportunities to speak directly with individual investors as well as institutional investors in Japan and overseas, and to put in place a structure that can effectively incorporate investor feedback into the Company’s management and operations.
In addition, Lion has posted details of its IR Information Disclosure Policy on its website.

(Major Accomplishments)
  • Held briefing sessions for individual investors on a periodic basis. Conducted briefing sessions for individual investors at 10 locations nationwide in 2017 to provide participants with pertinent information, including an overview of the business.
  • Held briefing sessions for analysts and institutional investors on a periodic basis. Held financial results discussions for analysts and institutional investors following the Company’s first-half and full fiscal year earnings announcements. In addition, undertook a telephone conference call following the Company’s third quarter earnings announcement.
  • Also, to conduct investor relations road shows in North America, Europe, and the Asian region in a bid to promote communication between the Company’s management and overseas investors, participated in conferences organized by securities firms.
  • Held new product as well as R&D briefings in a bid to provide analysts with a deeper understanding of the Company’s business.

Information Tools

Lion has incorporated an Investor Relations section in its corporate website in an effort to provide information to as many of its shareholders and investors as possible in a timely and equitable manner. Together with an overview of its business activities and operating performance, the Company’s website provides easy access to a raft of information, including Lion’s management strategies, financial position, and a variety of materials relating to the Company’s financial results. As such, Lion’s website has received high praise from external third parties regarding the depth of information and ease of use. The content and format of the Investor Relations section, in particular, have been designed to convey the Company’s strengths and strategies in an easy-to-understand manner.

Moreover, steps have been taken to post an online copy of Lion’s annual report on its website in an effort to provide overseas shareholders and investors with a direct and deeper understanding of the Company’s business environment and management strategies.

Annual Report

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