Lion to Release CHARMY Magica Nano-Cleansing Dishwashing Detergent
Makes Stubborn Grease Slide Like Water off Dishes, For Quicker, More Efficient Cleanup

Lion Corporation (President: Itsuo Hama) announces the January 21, 2015 nationwide release of new dishwashing detergent Magica.
Magica makes washing the dishes quick, with proprietary nano-cleansing technology that easily removes stubborn grease from the moment washing up begins.
Lion is helping to make kitchen work more efficient with Magica.


1. Objective of Releasing the New Product
Dishwashing: The No. 1 disliked chore. But how satisfied are consumers with the results?
Consumers rank dishwashing as their “most disliked” daily chore. On the other hand, about eight in ten say that they are “more or less 100% satisfied” with the cleanliness of dishes after “normal washing” (Lion survey). Given this data, Lion hypothesized that the reason consumers hate doing the dishes despite being generally satisfied with the results must lie within the washing process itself.
Consumers want to finish the dishes quickly, but won’t compromise on stubborn grime
A detailed Lion survey into consumer dishwashing processes found that when dealing with stubborn grease, many consumers wipe off dishes before washing, scrub meticulously or even wash dishes a second time to completely remove grease. In other words, washing dishes entails a great deal of time and effort for many consumers. We were thus able to conclude that dealing with stubborn grease is what makes washing dishes so burdensome.
Nano-cleansing makes stubborn grease slide off as easily as water
Lion’s research into eliminating stubborn grease and grime has led to the development of a new detergent that employs nano-cleansing technology to make grease slide like water off dishes from the moment washing up begins. This nano-cleansing, achieved thanks to proprietary Lion technology, enables cleaning agents to quickly penetrate grease, soften it at the nano-level, and break it up almost instantly. As a result, greasy grime offers less resistance, and dishwashing goes smoother and finishes sooner.

Lion has incorporated nano-cleansing technology into its new Magica dishwashing detergent, to be released on January 21, 2015. Magica easily removes grease and quickly gets dishes clean. In a survey, nine out of ten consumers who tried Magica said that they were able to wash off grime “easily,” and eight in ten said that they were able to finish the dishes “quickly.” One consumer commented that the new detergent worked “just like magic,” inspiring the name Magica.

Until now, washing the dishes has taken a great deal of time and effort. With the release of Magica, Lion is helping to make this chore quick and easy and make kitchen work more efficient.

2. Product Features
(1) Proprietary nano-cleansing mechanism facilitates the easy removal of grease from the moment washing up begins, making dishwashing faster

Proprietary nano-cleansing technology breaks up stubborn grease in no time
The cleansing ingredients in Magica penetrate and soften grease extremely quickly, breaking it up more finely to efficiently remove it. (Compared with previous Lion products.)
  After simply coming into contact with water containing Magica,* the red-colored grease can be seen to quickly begin to float upward.   With previous detergents,* grease sticks stubbornly to the dish’s surface and little floats upward.  
* Consisting of detergent diluted in water to approximate the normal concentration of detergent in dishwashing liquid suds.

Grime slides like water off dishes
While the resistance of grime when washing with previous Lion products was high, Magica brings down this resistance to a level similar to that of plain water for easy washing.
(2) Eliminates bacteria on the sponge for lasting cleanliness
*Does not eliminate all bacteria
(3) Stylish rectangular bottle and unique design express functionality
The bottle’s modern design emphasizes the “just like magic” washing experience. On a metallic silver base that communicates the product’s utility, the design conveys the brand concept of “magic.” The flowing sparkle pattern on the package label highlights the “magical” experience of easily washing away grime.
(4) Three fragrances to choose from
The product lineup consists of three clean, fresh fragrances: refreshing Splash Orange, clear Herbal Green, and lush Fresh Pink Berry.

3. Contents and Price
Product nameContentsRetail price
Splash Orange Scent
  230 ml No recommended retail price
Refill pack 600 ml
Large-size refill pack 1000 ml
Herbal Green Scent
  230 ml
Refill pack 600 ml
Large-size refill pack 1000 ml
Fresh Pink Berry Scent
  230 ml
Refill pack 600 ml
Large-size refill pack 1000 ml