Lion to Release New Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”) and Magica Unscented,
Two New Additions to the CHARMY Magica Nano-Cleansing Dishwashing Detergent Brand, Which Makes Stubborn Grease Slide Like Water off Dishes

Lion Corporation (President: Itsuo Hama) announces the March 16, 2016 nationwide release of Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”) and Magica Unscented, two new additions to the Magica dishwashing detergent brand that meet new customer needs.

Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”) and Magica Unscented

1. Objective of Introducing the New Product
Lion released Magica dishwashing detergent in January 2015. Thanks to the product’s excellent detergency, which makes grease slide off dishes like water, 2015 sales of Magica reached 129%1 of sales of similar products in the previous year (based on total sales for January through December 2015). Stimulated by the release of Magica, the dishwashing detergent market as whole also grew 5%1 year on year (based on total sales for January through December 2015).
In recent years, approximately six in ten consumers have expressed a preference for antibacterial dishwashing detergents with many seeking detergents that offer antibacterial effects strong enough to kill germs clinging to items like cutting boards and dishcloths. To meet this demand, Lion is now releasing new Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”) with heightened antibacterial power that eliminates germs from not only sponges but also such items as cutting boards and dishcloths.
At the same time, approximately 15% of consumers actively seek out dishwashing detergents that present no detectable fragrance (2015 Lion survey). To meet this demand for reduced-fragrance and odor products, Lion has developed the market’s only unscented detergent formula.2 This new product, Magica Unscented, is now being released.
The Magica product lineup uses nano-cleansing technology to make stubborn grease slide like water off dishes. By adding two new products with features that meet additional consumer needs to the lineup, Lion is helping consumers achieve even quicker, more effective cleanup.

1. INTAGE Inc. SRI survey data. Dishwashing detergent market sales: January through December 2015 totals. (Comparison of Magica sales with total January through December 2014 sales of Lion’s Awa no Chikara (Power of Suds) detergent.)

2. Results of survey looking for dishwashing detergents marketed as unscented (having little detectable scent or odor) that had annual sales of at least ¥10 million. (Lion survey based on INTAGE Inc. SRI survey data for December 2014 through November 2015, private brands not included.)

2. Contents and Price
Product NameContentsRetail price
Antibacterial + (“Plus”)
  220 ml No recommended retail price
Refill pack 570 ml
Large-size refill pack 950 ml
  230 ml
Refill pack 600 ml
Large-size refill pack 1000 ml

3. Product Features
Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”)
(1) Stronger antibacterial power than previous Magica products eliminates germs on cutting boards as well as sponges and dishcloths3
With even stronger antibacterial properties than previous Magica products, Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”) fights germs not only on sponges, but also cutting boards, dishcloths and other items.

3. Does not eliminate all bacteria.

(2) Proprietary nano-cleansing mechanism makes grease slide like water off dishes from the moment washing begins until the final rinse, making cleanup faster
(3) New navy on white package design communicates the product’s strong antibacterial properties
(4) Comes in an invigorating Citrus Green fragrance

Magica Unscented
(1) An unscented detergent that produces almost no detectable fragrance or odor during washing
The unscented formula4 is designed to suppress the odors produced by detergent ingredients to ensure that there is virtually no detectable odor when the detergent is squeezed onto a sponge or during cleanup.

4. A formula developed to minimize the odor of the dishwashing detergent agent itself, which is more noticeable in detergents with no added fragrance

* “Unscented” here refers to the absence of detectable odors or fragrances, regardless of the use or non-use of added fragrances. This is distinct from “fragrance-free,” which refers to products that contain no added fragrances, regardless of whether they present a detectable odor.

(2) Proprietary nano-cleansing mechanism makes grease slide like water off dishes from the moment washing begins until the final rinse, making cleanup faster
(3) White with white-silver and blue-green package design communicates cleanliness
(4) Helps kill bacteria in sponges

4. Product Photos
Product Photos
(Left to right)
・CHARMY Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”) (220 ml), refill pack (570 ml), large-size refill pack (950 ml)
・CHARMY Magica Unscented (230 ml), refill pack (600 ml), large-size refill pack (1000 ml)

5. Magica Product Lineup
 Magica Product Lineup
  (Left to right)
・CHARMY Magica Splash Orange Scent (230 ml)
・CHARMY Magica Herbal Green Scent (230 ml)
・CHARMY Magica Fresh Pink Berry Scent (230 ml)
・CHARMY Magica Antibacterial + (“Plus”) (220 ml)
* Refill packs (containing enough detergent to refill the bottle approximately three times) and large-size refill pack (approximately five times) are available for all the above products. No Magica products have a recommended retail price.

CHARMY Magica’s Proprietary Nano-Cleansing Technology Breaks up Slimy Grease Residue in No Time
Magica uses proprietary nano-cleansing technology to break up grease to the nano level so that slimy residue on dishes from grease slides off easily and washes away.
Red-tinted grease5 was applied to a plastic6 sheet, which was then submerged in a solution of water containing a concentration of dishwashing detergent approximating that found in the bubbles that arise during normal dishwashing. The grease was then observed.

5. Olive oil
6. A plastic often used to make lunch boxes
Plastic sheet (Illustration) Detergent solution
Plastic sheet (Illustration) Detergent solution
CHARMY Magica’s Proprietary Nano-Cleansing Technology Breaks up Slimy Grease Residue in No Time
After simply coming into contact with water containing Magica,* grease quickly begins detach and float upward.
With the previous Lion product, grease sticks stubbornly to the plastic and little detaches to float upward.

See a video of the experiment on Lion’s website (Japanese-language only):