Lion Begins Sales of the Salivary Multi Test
A Salivary Test System Capable of Measuring Multiple Saliva Indicators in Just Five Minutes

Lion Corporation (President: Itsuo Hama) has developed the Salivary Multi Test, a salivary test system that can measure multiple saliva indicators related to dental and gingival health and oral cleanliness in just five minutes. Lion will commence sales of the Salivary Multi Test through a dedicated Lion sales website in October 2016.

1. Objective of Introducing the New Product

As a health care company that handles products ranging from household goods to functional food products and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, Lion not only provides useful products, but engages in a variety of activities related to helping consumers extend their healthy life expectancy, such as initiatives aimed at teaching healthy oral care and hand washing practices.

In recent years, nationwide initiatives to promote lifelong dental and oral health have gained increased momentum, as evidenced by the dental and oral health goals laid out under the government’s national health promotion movement Health Japan 21 (the second term), formulated in 2012.

Dental and oral health are closely related to the body’s overall health. To ensure long-lasting physical and mental well being with healthy teeth, the practice of preventive dentistry to actively protectis crucial. Preventive dentistry comprises both professional care—conducted through regular checkups at a dental clinic—and self-care—conducted by the individual under the guidance of a dental care professional. Lion is working as a united Group to deepen its various channels of communication with consumers to help spread the practice of preventive dentistry. As part of these activities, Lion directed its attention to the relationship between saliva and the condition of the oral cavity. Now, Lion has developed the Salivary Multi Test, a test system that enables the quick, easy measurement of multiple indicators related to dental and gingival health as well as oral cleanliness.

Lion will begin sales of the Salivary Multi Test to such facilities as dental clinics, drug stores and health check-up centers through a dedicated Lion sales website.

Salivary Multi Test sales website: (To be launched in October 2016; available in Japanese only) 

2. Contents

DescriptionProduct NameContents
Test strip kit Salivary Multi Test 30 strips
Specialized measuring device Salivary Multi Test Meter 1 device
The Salivary Multi Test is not a medical device or in-vitro diagnostic agent. Accordingly, the test’s measurements cannot be used to diagnose illness or aid in such diagnosis.

3. Product Features

  1. Salivary Multi Test test strip kit
    The test strip kit allows the simultaneous measurement of six saliva indicators. The measured indicators related to dental health are cariogenic bacteria, pH and buffer capacity; those related to gingival health are leukocytes and proteins; in addition, ammonia is measured as an indicator related to oral cleanliness.
  2. Salivary Multi Test Meter measuring device
    Small enough to be held in one hand (approx. 160 mm long x 105 mm wide x 51 mm tall; 430 g), the measuring device reads changes in color on the test strips to provide test results in just five minutes. Results can then be imported to a personal computer, where software for creating results sheets displays the test results as a radar chart. The sheets created with this software can then be printed out (personal computer and printer not provided with the product).
  3. Easy-to-use system measures six indicators in five minutes; results are visualized as a radar chart

    The patient swishes 3 ml of water around the mouth for ten seconds.

    The patient spits out the water. Apply drops of this saliva sample to the test strip using a dropper.

    Load the strip into the device, which reads the changes in the strip’s color.

    A radar chart and comments about the test results are produced.

4. Product Photos

Salivary Multi Test

Salivary Multi Test Meter

Furthermore, Lion is developing a test system (a device and reagents for research purposes) that will measure salivary occult blood (an indicator related to gingival health) in addition to the six items listed above. Beginning in July 2016, Lion plans to make this system available via the dedicated Lion sales website exclusively to dental clinics interested in cooperating with Lion on related clinical research.