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White Teeth Check [Dental and Oral Health Check]

Discoloration of teeth occurs from our day-to-day activities. Let's consider the points to note for improving our daily life, in order to achieve white teeth that are free of dullness.

To Achieve White Teeth that are Free of Dullness

Check the condition of your mouth concerning the checkpoints below.

  1. I drink green tea, coffee frequently throughout the day
  2. I like red wine, among other liquors
  3. I often eat dark-colored foods (curry, chocolate, etc.)
  4. I smoke frequently
  5. I do not brush my teeth very often
  6. I spend 1 minute or less for brushing my teeth
  7. I use very little toothpaste while brushing my teeth

If even one of the above checkpoints applies to you, you take precaution. Let’s work to achieve better oral health.