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Lion communicates with customers
through the many products that they use in their daily lives,
gaining insight into consumer living,
one of Lion’s distinct strengths.

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Products offering new value are created through coordination
between R&D divisions and a range of other departments
and by combining the results of our research
with feedback from customers.


Addressing evolving social issues
while striving to realize better living
for each individual every day toward a brighter future.
Lion works with customers and other stakeholders
to find solutions to problems big and small.

Lion News

New Products


SOFLAN Premium Deodorizer

More advanced odor prevention!
A fabric softener that bestows odor-preventing properties to clothing.*
Ultra-fine deodorizing ingredients penetrate deep into the core of fibers, forming an inner 3D coating that bestows long-lasting odor-preventing properties to clothing. This prevents the formation of body odor, including that due to sweat and age-related factors, as well as odor due to dampness, so that even socks are odor-free after a long day.

* Compared with an existing Lion product


Floral Aroma; Aroma Soap; White Herb Aroma; Fruity Green Aroma
550ml bottle; 420ml refill pack; 1,260ml large-size refill pack


SOFLAN Premium Deodorizer Extra-Concentrated Antibacterial Plus

From the SOFLAN Premium Deodorant lineup, which bestows odor-preventing properties to clothing,1 a new, extra-concentrated formulation with the highest-ever volume of anti-bacterial ingredients.2
Suppresses 99.9% of bacterial growth3 to eliminate odor due to dampness, even when clothes are hung close together to dry indoors!

1. Compared with an existing Lion product
2. Among SOFLAN Premium Deodorant Zero products
3. Not effective against all types of bacteria


Refresh Savon
540ml bottle; 400ml refill pack; 1,200ml large-size refill pack


CHARMY Magica Quick Dry + (“Plus”) Antibacterial

Disinfects sponges, cutting boards and dishcloths!
A dishwashing detergent that helps water slide off dishes after rinsing for quick-drying and a clean finish


Clear Mint; Natural Herb; Clear Lemon
220ml bottle; 570ml refill pack; 880ml large-size refill pack