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A nano-cleansing dishwashing detergent that makes grease slide like water off dishes from the moment washing up begins until the last rinse, making dishwashing faster


Splash Orange; Fresh Green Apple; Fresh Pink Berry
230ml bottle; 600ml refill pack; 1,000ml large-size refill pack


Method W.O. Cream

A medicated cream that quickly relieves itchiness due to irritation from undergarments and other clothing, stress or other factors, while soothing bothersome eczema and redness*
*Skin inflammation

Poduct directions and other info


12g; 25g
Recommended retail price
12g: ¥980; 25g: ¥1,800


Itchiness, eczema, dermatitis, skin irritation, chafed skin, heat rash

Directions and Dosage

Up to three times a day, apply a thin layer to the affected area.

Usage and Dosage Warnings

For administration to children only under the supervision and guidance of a guardian or caretaker.
Avoid getting the product in the eyes. If the product gets in the eyes, wash immediately with warm or cold water. If irritation or other symptoms are severe, seek treatment from an ophthalmologist.
For external use only.

Ingredients (per 1g)

Active ingredient
10 mg
Blocks histamines, which are a cause of itching, to quickly relieve itchiness.
20 mg
Acts on thermoreceptors to quickly relieve itchiness.
50 mg
A low-irritation, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent that reduces inflammation, including redness and bumps.
2 mg
Repairs skin tissue that has become weak to stimuli.

*Inactive ingredients: Polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, glycerin fatty acid ester, squalane, ceresin, macrogol, oleyl alcohol, glycerin, dimethylpolysiloxane, flavoring, pH adjuster



This premium formula* offers fast, highly effective headache relief.
*Refers to the BUFFERIN PREMIUM formula, which is highly effective while easy on the stomach

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20 tablets; 40 tablets; 60 tablets
Recommended retail price
20 tablets: ¥980; 40 tablets: ¥1,580; 60 tablets: ¥1,980


Pain relieving effect on headache, pain due to stiff shoulders, menstrual pain, back pain, joint pain, neuralgia, muscle pain, sore throat, toothache, pain after tooth extraction, pain from bruising, pain from sprains, pain from bone fractures, pain from trauma and earache.
Reducing effect on chills and fevers

Directions and Dosage

Avoid taking on an empty stomach and wait at least four hours between doses.
Take the following amount with lukewarm or cold water.

Age Adults (15 years and up) Children under 15 years
Amount per 1 dose 2 tablets Do not use
Doses per day No more than 3

Usage and Dosage Warnings

Use only as directed.
To remove the tablets from the package: As shown in the illustration on the right, press firmly with a fingertip on the protruding bubble in the clear plastic sheet that contains the tablet, pushing the tablet through the foil backing and out (swallowing the product without first removing it from the package can lead to injury, such as damage to the esophageal membrane).

Ingredients (per 2 tablets)

Active ingredient Content Purpose
Ibuprofen 130 mg Reduces pain and fever
Acetaminophen 130 mg
Anhydrous caffeine 80 mg Boosts pain relief effect, eases headache
Allylisopropyl acetylurea 60 mg
Dehydrated aluminum hydroxide gel 70 mg Protects the gastric mucosa, helps prevent stomach problems

Inactive ingredients: cellulose, hydroxypropylcellulose, lactic acid, D-mannitol, potassium dihydrogenphosphate, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, polyvinyl alcohol (partially saponified), talc, titanium oxide and soy lecithin.

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