Technical Information

Lion Science Journal was launched in 2010 and introduces Lion's technologies and advanced research in a wide range of fields from the perspectives of the science of health, comfort and the environment.
This section presents excerpts from featured articles that provide information on current R&D initiatives and “cleanliness,” the emerging keyword.

Special Feature: Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are illnesses that occur when pathogens enter a host through the environment (via the air, water, etc.) or contact with animals or people, and cause a variety of symptoms. Three factors are necessary for an infection to occur: 1) pathogens, 2) routes of transmission and 3) a host.
Proper cleanliness and hygiene habits are even more important now that COVID-19 has permeated our lives. We asked some experts to talk about the three factors that lead to infection and what we should be aware of during our stay-home lifestyles.