Innovative R&D Initiatives

Innovation Lab


We are creating new businesses that will serve as Company-wide hubs, going beyond conventional structures to deliver novel value and increase the quantity, quality and speed of innovation.


A Toothbrush That Turns Tooth Brushing from a Chore Children Dislike into Something Fun


A toothbrush developed in cooperation with Kyocera Corporation and Sony Corporation that enables users to enjoy music, transmitted via the teeth and bones, while brushing

Crowdfunding target reached
(July 3, 2019–September 3, 2019, Sony First Flight)

Breaking Out of Normal: Designing Living Habits from Adults’ and Children’s Perspectives

We are combining everyday tooth brushing with technology and entertainment to create a more playful, fun experience.

Making things a little easier and creating a new pocket of time for communication for parents, while using fun to motivate children and spark their interest in brushing—this was the driving motivation behind development.


Co-Creation Space: point 0 marunouchi


point 0 marunouchi is a membership-based coworking space created with the aim of realizing the office of the future. Currently, 17 companies are participating in the project.

Demonstration testing of the project, which offers various types of spaces (open spaces, conference rooms, nap booths and distraction-free work booths), is now in progress.

At point 0, Lion is breaking down the ideas of competition and boundaries between companies, with the participating companies striving as a united team, each contributing their own technologies to offer new ways of working and concepts for the office of the future.

Aiming to realize healthy minds and bodies for all working people, through this project, we will continue to create new services and products.

Demonstration 1: Office toothbrush set

Demonstration 1: Office toothbrush set

After-lunch tooth brushing not only aids in preventing cavities, it can help you feel refreshed and focused. To foster this habit at offices, Lion advanced development of a toothbrush set designed specifically for the office. Through this product, we aim to help improve productivity and help create work atmospheres that promote tooth brushing.
Airmake diffuser

Demonstration 2: Airmake diffuser

This device, which releases fragrances appropriate to the emotional state of a nearby speaker identified on the basis of voice inflection (neutral, assertive, bright or down), is currently undergoing demonstration testing in meeting rooms. The product is aimed at helping to create settings appropriate to the users’ objectives.

Internal Knowledge Cycling and Communication