Innovative R&D Activities


R&D Case Study

Co-Creation Space

Lion participates in multiple creative collaboration facilities and promotes open innovation that transcends the boundaries between companies.


This is a creative center designed specifically for organizations that are striving to reform the way large corporations operate and to create new businesses. By participating in ARCH's unique network and exchanging ideas regarding new business development and the fostering of a unique corporate culture, we are working hard to explore possibilities for collaboration and accelerate business growth.
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This is a base for gatherings in Shibuya, regardless of age or specialty. The concept of the community is Scramble Society, and chemistry changes are created by the promotion of interaction among groups and disciplines. By interacting with experts in various fields and members with different backgrounds, participants can benefit from exposure to diverse knowledge and perspectives, innovate and develop business, and create value for the future.
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point 0 marunouchi

This is a membership-based coworking space designed to realize the office space of the future. As of September 2023, 19 companies from a variety of industries are participating. Each company has set up its designated area with a variety of options (open space, conference rooms, nap booths, focus booths) that it is also using as sites for experimentation. By transcending traditional office boundaries, participating companies are able to work together as a team and combine their technologies to propose new ways of working and future office solutions.
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