Together with the EnvironmentHarmonizing with Nature (Biodiversity)


Lion has long taken the lead in addressing problems in the aquatic environment, such as stream foaming and eutrophication linked to the use of detergents, considering biodiversity at each stage from raw material procurement to disposal by consumers. To continue benefiting from the value provided by biodiversity into the future, we must work with local communities to protect biodiversity and utilize such value in a sustainable, non-depleting way. Furthermore, it is important that we contribute to the realization of a society in harmony with nature by encouraging changes in consumer lifestyles through biodiversity-friendly products.

To this end, Lion will contribute to the development of a sustainable society through its businesses by determining which natural resources are used in business activities and the impacts on biodiversity throughout the value chain. Based on this information, Lion will implement biodiversity conservation activities that help reduce risk and expand opportunities. Also, by having every employee participate in biodiversity conservation activities as part of our environmental education efforts, we are spreading awareness of this important issue throughout our operating sites.

1960s Stream Foaming
The synthetic detergents of the time were slow to break down, leading to foam that covered streams. Lion switched to readily biodegradable detergent ingredients.
1970s Eutrophication
Aquatic eutrophication led to algae blooms and other problems. One cause of this eutrophication was the phosphates then used in detergents. Lion led the way, ahead of its competitors, in creating phosphate-free laundry detergents.
1980s Onward Global Environmental Issues
Global-scale environmental issues received increased attention, leading to growing calls for consideration of resources and environmental burden. Lion is proactively advancing such efforts as enhancing the detergency of its cleaning agents to decrease the amount of product needed, developing water-saving products and utilizing plant-based raw materials.


Overview of Lion’s Biodiversity-Friendly Business Activities

Overview of Lion’s Biodiversity-Friendly Business Activities

*Watershed: A range of ecosystems, including forests, rivers, domestic woodlands, tidal flats and beaches, that is connected by water.