Creating Healthy Living HabitsCreating Healthy Living Habits

Sustainability Material Issue 2 Creating Healthy Living Habits

Top-Priority Material Issues


  1. Provide opportunities for everyone to practice oral care whenever necessary and foster oral care habits to promote health for all.
  2. Promote the establishment of hygienic habits that prevent bacteria and viruses from entering the body across all aspects of daily living.

Basic Approach

The Lion Group plays an important role in society as a provider of daily necessities and services, and we believe that the starting point for value creation is the establishment of lifestyle habits directly related to health, such as brushing teeth and washing hands. Our purpose is “Make a difference in everyday lives by redesigning habits: ReDesign.” Based on this purpose, by providing healthy living habits to the 1 billion people in our business areas, we will seek to contribute to better everyday lives and expand our businesses.

The Lion Group’s initiatives leading up to 2030