R&D Message

Based on Lion’s corporate philosophy, the Research and Development Headquarters functions as a growth engine for the Company as a whole by generating innovation. Through providing new value to society, we make a difference in everyday lives by redesigning habits.
Currently, we have designated four fields of value creation* in which Lion will continue to evolve and develop its efforts to redesign habits—an aspect of heath care it is uniquely positioned to address. We aim to create new value through cross-divisional innovation.

The greatest strength of the Research and Development Headquarters lies in the insights provided by our many years of consumer research. The understanding accumulated through the contact we have with consumers via products used in daily living enables us to further accelerate and support value creation initiatives. Across the fields of oral care science, life science, interface science and analytics, Lion boasts core technologies cultivated through product development in broad-ranging business domains. By integrating these core technologies with new, cutting-edge technologies though internal cross-divisional collaboration and co-creation with universities, research institutes and other companies, we continuously strive to create new value that leverages Lion’s unique strengths. Aiming to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, we also proactively develop environmentally friendly products and collaborate with local communities.

We strive to ensure that all of our researchers can work with enthusiasm on research aimed at realizing better daily living and a brighter future.

*Oral Health, Infection Control, Smart Housework and Well-Being

Kosuke Tanaka

Executive General Manager of Research and Development Headquarters