Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy


Make a difference in everyday lives by redesigning habits: ReDesign


Our beliefs guide all that we do—our thinking, our actions and our decisions—as we strive to implement our purpose in an ever more diverse world. Based on these beliefs, all of us at Lion strive to find new ways to improve everyday living, bringing passion and professionalism to our work.

The customer determines the value

New habits are valuable only when people make them their own. If society doesn’t see the value in a new idea, there is always a reason why. We must ask ourselves, Is the idea really helpful for better living? In adjusting it to be more practical, have we lost its essence? Is the idea competitive enough to stand out? Will society still need it in the future? Being chosen by customers is essential to making a difference in everyday lives. “The customer determines the value” is the business perspective Lion values most.


Believe in yourself and be proactive

There is value in being “just ordinary.” Our most ordinary feelings, tastes and thoughts are those that resonate most broadly. Listen to your heart and take the initiative, moving forward with courage and humility. When one person’s enthusiasm for an idea spreads to others— that is how we create new habits. Life is too short to do only what others ask of us. Lion values a culture that tolerates failure and celebrates effort.


Speed makes the difference

Better habits can support physical and mental health, so spreading them quickly matters. We squarely face the problem to be solved and strive to find high-quality solutions in less time. Don’t rush forward blindly; rather, question convention to find the way forward. Avoid getting bogged down in planning; just give it a try and quickly adjust to get closer and closer to the answer. A true professional not only does good work, but does it quickly. In this time of change, we at Lion believe that we cannot make a difference by arriving on the scene late.


Interact and inspire to create

No ingredient can react with itself to form something new. The same goes for people. True breakthroughs happen when individuals offering different ingredients— skills, knowledge and perspectives— come together under a single goal. At Lion, we always strive for open discussion, regardless of position or age, department or country, and actively work with external partners to develop more creative solutions.


Change moves us forward

The world is changing and changing fast. As technology, lifestyles and society change at a dizzying pace, the appearance of new players can transform markets at any moment. In uncertain and unpredictable times, we must always consider multiple future scenarios and react flexibly. Change can be scary, but it can also be fun. A changing environment is an opportunity to evolve. Since our founding, we have constantly striven to forge new paths in the face of challenges. The courage to change drives Lion’s growth.



Handed down since Lion’s founding, our DNA is the cornerstone of all that we do.

Fulfilling a Spirit of Love

Corporate slogan

life. love.

Our corporate slogan “” is a simple expression of our corporate philosophy. It expresses our determination to love and contribute to the important daily lives that people cherish.

We have seen how ordinary days, one at a time, add up to a lifetime. Moreover, we have come to believe that each new day is the first step into a bright future, and that living every day positively and to the fullest is the essence of happiness. Our corporate slogan, “” inspires us to think past today and into the future. In order to achieve a bright future, we must live each day and each moment of today with care and positivity. That is why we have made it our mission at Lion to contribute every day to ordinary life through better habits as well as to contribute to a sustainable society.