Message from Management

(Left) Itsuo Hama
(Right) Masazumi Kikukawa

Make a difference in everyday lives by redesigning habits: ReDesign

Since its founding in 1891, Lion has consistently contributed to society by redesigning habits. Habits like brushing our teeth, doing laundry, washing our hands and cleaning the dishes have become a part of everyday living and are taken for granted, but they actually play a major role in our lives. It has been shown that proper tooth brushing habits can help maintain and improve oral health, which, in turn, has a significant bearing on the maintenance of overall health. More recently, we have all become aware of the importance of hand washing as a way to decrease the risk of COVID-19 infection.

For 130 years, we have developed our business by providing daily commodities, such as toothpaste, hand soaps and laundry detergents, as well as by contributing to the development of everyday habits related to these products through a wide range of business activities.

In addition, habit creation plays a major role in addressing the problems of climate change and ocean plastic, which have become major social issues in recent years. In Japan, CO2 emitted from homes accounts for about 15% of the national total, and it is essential to create environmentally friendly habits such as saving water and electricity to reduce emissions. In addition to improving our mental and physical health, good living habits can play a major part in realizing a sustainable society.

There is great power in habits. With this in mind, we have defined our purpose as “Make a difference in everyday lives by redesigning habits: ReDesign” and formulated the Vision2030 long-term strategic framework to realize our management vision of “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company.”

Our society is currently facing a wide range of challenges, including food security and an aging population, in addition to environmental problems and pandemics. By maximizing our unique approach of solving social issues through habit creation, and by greatly expanding the scope of our activities, we will endeavor to achieve further business growth while contributing to the realization of a more sustainable world.

Itsuo Hama

Representative Director,
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Masazumi Kikukawa

Representative Director,
President and Executive Officer