Message from Management

Being an advanced daily healthcare company

Itsuo Hama. Representative Director, President, Chief Executive Officer

Fulfilling a Spirit of Love has been Lion’s Company Motto since its founding. For over 120 years, we have worked to provide excellent products and services that support people in their everyday life.

The environment surrounding Lion is currently undergoing such sweeping changes as the rapid progress of the decreasing birthrate and aging population, rising healthcare needs, and an increasing number of digitally linked products and services.

Under these circumstances, Lion is striving to become a company that not only commands a strong presence but that customers and society in both Japan and other countries and areas in Asia find essential. To this end, in 2018 we established a new management vision for 2030: Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company. We will "realize healthy minds and bodies for all," through the "ReDesign" of the everyday rituals to become more natural, easy and enjoyable. To this end, we will create "customer experience-based value" in the areas of health, comfort and cleanliness. Aiming to achieve the management vision, we launched the LION Value Evolution Plan (LIVE Plan), a three-year medium-term management plan under which we will implement four basic strategies: Expand and evolve our business domains through new value creation, Accelerate growth in overseas businesses through glocalization, Reinforce our management base through business structure reform, and Create dynamism to foster innovative change.

By providing advanced health care and thereby being a leader in fostering people’s contentment from a new perspective, the Lion Group aims to increase corporate value and help build a sustainable society.

Itsuo Hama
Representative Director,
President Executive Officer