Social Media Policy

Lion Corporation and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as the “domestic Lion Group”) shall make all domestic Lion Group workers, including directors and employees, strictly comply with the following basic rules regarding the use of social media.

The term “social media” means social networking services like Facebook, mixi and Twitter as well as weblogs, Wikipedia and the like.

Basic Policy

When using social media, all domestic Lion Group workers shall comply with relevant laws and regulations and strive to maintain appropriate information disclosure.

The domestic Lion Group fully recognizes the following characteristics of social media:

  1. Once disclosed, the information can never be completely deleted.
  2. Information disclosed in social media is accessible by the general public.
  3. Disclosed information may be influential.

The domestic Lion Group pledges the following when participating in social media:

  1. We will always listen to other social media users' comments with humility.
  2. We will strive to ensure our comments and messages sensible.
  3. We will take responsibility for any information we disclose and will strive not to post comments or messages that may cause misunderstanding.
  4. We will use social media to build good relationships with society, including customers, remaining aware at all times of the importance of contributing not only to value for the individual user, but the development of the Lion Group's brand value.

The domestic Lion Group will comply with relevant laws and regulations.

  1. We will not damage the reputations of third parties or infringe upon their rights by posting slanderous comments in social media or violating the third-parties' copyrights and other relevant laws and regulations.
  2. We will strive to properly understand internal rules related to information security and social media.

Established March 1, 2012
Amended January 1, 2022

To Social Media Users

  1. Please be aware that information disclosed in social media is not necessarily the official announcements or views of the domestic Lion Group even if such information is disclosed by a domestic Lion Group employee. Please also be aware that information in any official announcements from the domestic Lion Group is valid as of the release date, and that the validity of such information may change as time passes. Please refer to the Lion Group website and press releases for the Group's official announcements.
  2. Please refer to the Lion Group Website and Social Media Terms of Use before using any social media site or related service provided by the domestic Lion Group.

  3. Please note that the domestic Lion Group may quote users' comments or opinions posted on its social networking sites.
  4. Please note that the domestic Lion Group may delete comments posted by users when such comments violate the Lion Group Website and Social Media Terms of Use.

  5. The operation policy may differ according to each social media service used by the domestic Lion Group. In that case, the domestic Lion Group will provide relevant information on the individual social media service.