Ensuring Product Safety and Reliability Reinforcing the Provision of Information to Customers

Providing Useful Information for Daily Living and Promoting Educational Activities

Lion actively engages in communication with consumers with the aim of expanding our creation and dissemination of information that contributes to healthy and comfortable living.


*Specialists who research and provide information useful for comfortable, healthy living

Initiatives of the Meisters of Daily Life

Lion’s Meisters of Daily Life, career researchers with specialist expertise, are conducting the following activities in the fields of oral care, healthcare, hygiene, laundry and living care. Meisters of Daily Life research useful lifestyle information to make everyday life healthy and comfortable and share colorful living ideas through various media and events.

Communication with Customers through Workshops

Cleanliness and hygiene classes for companies
(April 5, 2021)
Cleaning seminar at a supermarket culture class
(May 18, 2021)
Kaji x Kaji Happy Share LION and Yokohama City co-hosted a housework sharing seminar (October 23, 2021)

Communication with Customers Using the “Lidea” Lifestyle Information Website

Lidea is a lifestyle information website aimed at inspiring curiosity about living habits and helping users cherish each day by providing content about Lion products, the technologies behind them, and approaches to daily living. The site provides accurate information that is useful for consumers’ daily living, presented mainly by the Meisters of Daily Life, lifestyle information specialists.
Going forward, Lion will continue to provide information useful for daily living through Lidea and use the information accumulated through Lidea to deepen diverse forms of communication with customers.

Lidea [Japanese]