Creating Healthy Living HabitsActivities at Lion Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Some activities have been cancelled or postponed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Lion Group is revising its activities, including the use of online technologies, as it continues working to create healthy living habits.

Oral Health Care

1 Educational Event Held by the PAP Community Foundation Sparkletots Preschool

22nd March is designated by the United Nations as World Water Day. In celebration of World Water Day in 2021, the PAP Community Foundation (PCF)* Sparkletots Preschool taught children about the importance of saving water in their daily routines, such as during tooth brushing. Lion Corporation (Singapore) Pte Ltd (“LCS”) supported the event by providing 600 KODOMO Toothbrush and KODOMO Toothpaste sets for the preschool’s 5- and 6-year-old pupils.

Newsletter distributed to parents

*PAP Community Foundation (PCF) is a charitable foundation founded by the Singapore People’s Action Party (PAP) in 1986 and is committed to nurturing a multi-racial, fair, just and inclusive society through the provision of educational, welfare and community services.

2 Supported the Singapore Dental Association’s Oral Health Awareness Campaign

In March 2021, the Singapore Dental Association (SDA) launched an integrated online communication campaign targeting consumers to raise awareness and correct misconceptions regarding oral care. The campaign comprised of the three parts shown below. Invited by SDA to participate the third part, LCS provided SG$60 worth of Systema and KODOMO products to each of the 22 key opinion leaders.

Campaign card

I.Survey of Singaporeans on their oral health habits: 500 respondents

II.Solicitation of user generated content under the hashtag #toothtruths on Instagram to encourage Singaporeans to talk about their oral health journey

III.22 key opinion leaders received oral care gift boxes and talked about their oral health journey on their Instagram accounts

3 Product Sponsorship to Smileworks Dental Clinic

Smileworks Dental Clinic celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021. To mark the anniversary, from August to December 2021, LCS provided goodie bags containing sets of Lion oral care products to enable patients to practice oral care at home after treatment at the clinic. In total, LCS provided 1,460 goodie bags of Systema products for adult patients and 360 goodie bags of KODOMO products for pediatric patients.

Systema and KODOMO oral care sets

4 Partnership with Health Promotion Board in Afterschool Oral Care Program

In August 2021, the Health Promotion Board (HPB) launched the Afterschool Oral Care Program, a one-year program targeting children aged 3-5 years at day-care centers and nursery schools with the aim of teaching the importance of oral care from a young age. The program entails dental clinic staff visiting day care centers and nursery schools to perform dental screenings and educate children about the importance of oral care. LCS provided 60,000 sets containing KODOMO Toothpaste and leaflets for distribution to the children after the conclusion of the program.

KODOMO brand pamphlets

5 Singapore Oral Health Therapy Congress

The Singapore Oral Health Therapy Congress is an annual meeting of dentistry experts, where speakers discuss a wide range of topics that are not limited to oral hygiene, but also include total well-being and pediatric management.

Program was continued in 2021 on 17th & 24th October, with about 300 participants from dentistry experts.

LCS sponsored the event with cash support, but the event organizer suspended its planned distribution of products in order to maintain social distancing

Event poster
Event held online

6 Promoting Good Oral Health through Dental Clinics

LCS supports Thomson Dental Centre, a dental clinic group in Singapore, in educating patients on good oral health habits. A dental care set containing KODOMO or Systema oral care products (products of LCS) is provided to first-time patients at Thomson Dental Centre. Dentists educate patients on correct tooth brushing and oral care habits using a dental care set (KODOMO Kid Set or Systema Gum Care Set) selected based on the patient’s age and oral health conditions. Each dental set consists of an oral care information leaflet, a toothbrush and toothpaste, with mouthwash in the Systema sets.
In 2021, a total of 10,100 patients from Thomson Dental Centre had received the dental care sets.

Systema Gum Care Set

7 Collaboration with Association of Orthodontists (Singapore)

The World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO) has designated May 15 as World Orthodontic Health Day. Started in 2017, this is a day for orthodontists around the world to celebrate and promote orthodontics awareness.

In celebration of the Silver Jubilee for WFO, the Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) (AOS) has approached LCS to partner and celebrate the event with the following program:

  • Smile with braces contest
  • Distribution of oral care kits
  • One-day seminar with the WFO Council

However, the contest and the one-day seminar could not be held in 2020 due to the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Instead, LCS continued the support of 4,500 sets of Systema oral care products that were distributed to patients who had started their orthodontic treatment in May at the participating clinics.
Each set included: a Systema toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and interdental brush along with an insert card from the World Federation of Orthodontists.

World Orthodontic Health Day insert card included with the Systema products

*The World Federation of Orthodontists (WFO) was founded in 1995 with the aim of advancing the art and science of as well as clinical practices in the field of orthodontics around the world. It has grown to 112 affiliate organizations, representing almost 10,000 orthodontists who have become WFO Fellows.

8 Community Dental Checkups for the Elderly in Collaboration with National Dental Centre Singapore

National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) has established a program of community dental checkups with the goal of raising awareness of the importance of oral health among the elderly. The checkups include the provision of guidance on the proper care of dentures and programs aimed at helping to provide treatment to relieve pain and maintain/restore their oral function.

This program was temporarily suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but was resumed at the end of 2020. LCS distributed Systema Toothpaste to 480 senior citizens who participated in the community dental checkups in November 2020.

9 Participation in a Public Forum in Collaboration with National Dental Centre Singapore

In March 2019, LCS participated in the public forum organized by National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) in commemoration of World Oral Health Day to educate the general public about commonly asked questions on oral care issues. The forum covered a wide array of common oral care topics such as diabetes and oral health, oral sores and remedies for cracked teeth, as well as tips on good oral care. After the event, the participants received goodie bags that included Systema products. Approximately 200 members of the general public participated in the forum.

Program leaflet
Presentation by a dentist

*National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) is a division under Singapore’s Ministry of Health that specializes in multi-disciplinary care for complex dental conditions. NDCS also actively organizes community outreach with partner brands like Systema and KODOMO, which are LCS’s oral care brands.

10 Collaboration with Specialist Dental Group – “Kiddie Visit @ SDG”

Specialist Dental Group (SDG) collaborated with local preschools to conduct “Kiddie Visit @ SDG,” in which they arranged for either preschoolers to visit a dental clinic or a dentist to visit the preschool. The participating preschoolers were educated on the importance of caring for their teeth from a young age. They were introduced to the tools used for cleaning teeth and taught their functions.

This event was held in February, May, June, September and October of 2019, and approximately 180 preschoolers aged 3-5 years participated.

LCS supported this meaningful event by providing KODOMO Toothbrush and KODOMO Toothpaste for use in the oral care demonstrations and samples for all participants.

Preschoolers receiving KODOMO Toothbrush and KODOMO Toothpaste samples
packed in KODOMO plastic bags

11 Supporting a Public Seminar on Managing Common Dental Problems

In August 2019, Specialist Dental Group and Channel NewsAsia* jointly organized a public seminar at Mandarin Orchard Singapore titled “A Healthy Smile amp; You: Specialists’ Perspectives.” This seminar was held to educate the general public on achieving good oral and overall health through modern dentistry and expertise. At the event, dentists shared knowledge in four specialty areas of dentistry: endodontics, periodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and prosthodontics. About 500 participants learned about managing common dental problems through modern dentistry and dental expertise. LCS supported this seminar by providing Systema products for the event goodie bag.

Goodie bag with Systema products for participants
(Source: Specialist Dental Group’s Facebook page)
Presentation by a specialist

*Channel NewsAsia is a Singaporean English-language TV news channel. Aiming to help viewers “Understand Asia,” it reports on global news from an Asian perspective.

12 Initiative to Cultivate Good Dental Habits in Collaboration with a Medical Group

Cultivating good oral habits from childhood is very important. LCS collaborated with Raffles Dental (part of Raffles Medical Group*) via the KODOMO brand (product of LCS) to provide on-site dental screening to the preschoolers at the PAP Community Foundation (PCF)** Sparkletots Preschool and educate them about the importance of taking care of their oral health. A copy of the children’s dental check results was later shared with their parents. The participants received an event goodie bag that included KODOMO products, enabling them to practice correct oral care habits at home. 700 preschoolers participated in the educational event in 2018.

* Raffles Medical Group is an integrated private healthcare provider in Asia. It owns and operates a fully integrated healthcare organization based in Singapore.

**PAP Community Foundation (PCF) is a charitable foundation founded by the Singapore People’s Action Party (PAP) in 1986 and is committed to nurturing a multi-racial, fair, just and inclusive society through the provision of educational, welfare and community services.

13 Educating Children on the Importance of Cultivating Good Dental Habits from a Young Age

On an ongoing basis, Singapore Dental Health Foundation* is involved in teaching children good dental habits from a young age. The foundation has initiated a project that involves working with childcare centers to bring children under their care to nearby dental clinics for dental screening and tooth brushing demonstrations, as well as to learn about the importance of cavity prevention and early treatment. LCS has supported this meaningful activity by providing KODOMO toothbrushes and toothpaste for all participants to encourage them to practice good dental habits from a young age since 2017. The project has been well received, garnering positive feedback from parents while participating children gain awareness of their dental health.

In 2018, 72 children participated in the event.

Children observing the dentist at work to understand the procedure of a dental check-up

*Singapore Dental Health Foundation is an organization of volunteers working to increase dental health awareness and promote dental health in Singapore. The foundation’s activities include providing public dental screenings and conducting dental talks, seminars, forums, etc.

Hygiene Care

Teaching Correct Hygiene Habits in Collaboration with Manulife

Free Bee SG* tied up with insurance company Manulife to promote a “Prevent and Protect” program for infectious diseases such as hand-foot-and-mouth-disease.
This program was held in April 2019 and reached out to preschools in Singapore to provide information about insurance coverage for hand-foot-and-mouth disease and other diseases. Approximately 1,100 goodie bags, which included KireiKirei products, were distributed to families with young children. As part of the program, LCS visited preschools with the Lion mascot to educate children on hygiene tips and encourage good hygiene practices using KireiKirei brand hand soap and body soap marketed by LCS.

*Free Bee SG is a non-profit online community for parents to obtain information, freebies, etc., regarding pregnancy and parenting.

Poster to promote logo recognition during events
Facebook post to promote KireiKirei products
Hygiene-related Q&A during events
Lion mascot visits a preschool

Donation Activities

To fulfill its corporate social responsibility, LCS actively engaged in such corporate social responsibility activities as in-kind donations of hygiene products sold by the Company.

Donation Activities through Online Events

Activity 1 Collaboration with Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE) - May Day Domestic Employees Celebration

Period June 2021
Outside collaborators
  • National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)
  • Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE)
Donations Systema and Kyusoku Jikan products
Details The May Day Domestic Employees Celebration 2021 virtual live show was organized by the CDE, which is a unit under NTUC. The program was live-streamed to domestic employees in recognition of their hard work and contributions. 250 domestic employees took part in the program, and LCS supported the event by sponsoring products for the game show segment.
Slide showing appreciation for sponsors shown during the event
(featuring the Systema and Kyusoku Jikan logos)

Donation Activities Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Activity 1 Collaboration with Healthcare Service Employees’ Union (HSEU) supporting healthcare workers

Period February, March, May, July 2020
Outside collaborators
  • National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)
  • HSEU (an affiliate of theNTUC, which represents healthcare service employees in both public and private healthcare institutions and organizations)
Donations About SGD$175,000 worth of LCS products, including Systema, Shokubutsu and Kyusoku Jikan (cooling sheets for feet)products
Details HSEU donated care kits as a token of appreciation for the healthcare workers working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. LCS supported this meaningful initiative by providing Lion products to 15,500 healthcare workers, with donations including Systema, Shokubutsu and Kyusoku Jikan products, to show these healthcare heroes its utmost appreciation and respect.
Leaflet for the healthcare workers
NDCS members packing the care kits
Care kit for the healthcare workers

Activity 2 Collaboration with National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS) supporting migrant workers

Period April 2020
Outside collaborators National Dental Centre Singapore
Donations 10,008 care kits including Systema toothbrushes and toothpaste, Fresh & White toothpaste, Between toothbrushes and Shokubutsu Body Foam
Details As part of measures to counter a COVID-19 outbreak in migrant workers’ dormitories, NDCS reached out to LCS to collaborate in promoting oral health education and providing oral care items to migrant workers.
Leaflet for the migrant workers
Care kit for the migrant workers
NDCS members packing the care kits

Activity 3 Donations in collaboration with the Singapore Dental Association

Period February and April 2020
Outside collaborators Singapore Dental Association
  1. 1,500 care kits including Systema toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as Shokubutsu Body Foam
  2. 200 of the above care kits
  1. In February 2020, in response to a request from Mount Alvernia Hospital, LCS donated cleanliness and hygiene product sets to 1,500 healthcare professionals as part of initiatives to show appreciation for their work.
  2. In April 2020, in conjunction with the Singapore Dental Association, LCS donated cleanliness and hygiene product sets to about 200 migrant workers at Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Activity 4 Collaboration with Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) supporting Ministry of Health (MOH) staff

Period July 2020
Outside collaborators Association of Orthodontists (Singapore)
Donations 1,300 care kits including Systema, Shokubutsu and Kyusoku Jikan (cooling sheets for feet) products
Details In commemoration of the 25th annual World Orthodontic Health Day (WOHD) on May 15, 2020, the Association of Orthodontists (Singapore) initiated a CSR collaboration with LCS to provide care kits for MOH staff. LCS donated the kits to show appreciation for the MOH employees who have been working tirelessly to battle the pandemic.