Creating Healthy Living Habits Activities at Lion Home Products (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

Some activities have been cancelled or postponed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.
We plan to restart these activities when conditions improve and safety can be assured.

Oral Health Care

Oral Health Class for Children

With the aim of fostering children’s awareness of dental and oral health from a young age, the Lion Group has held the Oral Health Event of Tooth Brushing for Children since 1932. Started in Japan, the event is presently held in Asia.

As part of this event, in cooperation with the Lion Foundation for Dental Health (LDH), Lion Home Products (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. (“LHPT”) conducted oral health classes at two Japanese elementary schools and three local elementary schools in June 2019.
76 children from Japanese elementary schools (33 from Kaohsiung Japanese School and 43 from Taichung Japanese School) and 820 children from local elementary schools (120 from Taichung Wurih Elementary School, 100 from Kaohsiung Wucyuan Elementary School and 600 from New Taipei City Jimei Elementary School), for a total of 896 students, participated in the event. LHPT first held such classes at local elementary schools in 2018 and extended its outreach to different local schools in 2019. The event featured programs prepared specifically for students in lower grades (grades 1 to 3) and higher grades (grades 4 to 6).*
Students in lower grades were taught about the “function of teeth and replacement of the baby teeth by adult teeth” and “the source of cavities (plaque)” in a 30-minute class. They were also taught tooth brushing techniques for their specific tooth alignment using hand mirrors and toothbrushes.

For students in the higher grades, LDH explained the cause of gingivitis, gave tips for observing the gums, and then provided individual instruction on how to brush according to specific tooth alignment for preventing gingivitis using a model set of teeth.

Participating students found the content easy to understand and learned about the importance of teeth and tooth brushing.

* The Japanese elementary school system lasts for 6 years, from 1st grade to 6th grade.

Photos of the oral health class for children at Japanese elementary schools

Children from Kaohsiung Japanese Elementary School
enthusiastically answering oral hygienist's(LDH) questions①
Children from Kaohsiung Japanese Elementary School
enthusiastically answering oral hygienist's(LDH) questions②
Children from Taichung Japanese Elementary School
listening carefully to a lecture delivered by an LDH oral hygienist

Photos of the oral health class for children at local elementary schools

Teaching correct tooth brushing methods to children
(Left: Taichung Wurih Elementary School, Center: Kaohsiung Wucyuan Elementary School,
Right: New Taipei City Jimei Elementary School)
Commemorative photo with the LION mascot, who is popular in Taiwan
(Left: Taichung Wurih Elementary School, Center: Kaohsiung Wucyuan Elementary School,
Right: New Taipei City Jimei Elementary School)

Hygiene Care

Conducting Educational Programs to Raise Awareness for Hand Washing Habits

Hand washing has taken on an increased importance as preventive measure against the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. LHPT, in collaboration with YoYo TV,* conducted educational programs on hand washing habits at 20 kindergartens across Taiwan (mainly in the northern and central regions of the country) from November to December 2020, with the aim of teaching children the importance of hand washing and proper hand washing methods. This activity was conducted in three parts:

1. Lesson from the teacher on hand washing hygiene
2. Singing and dancing to a special hand-washing song
3. Drawing custom hand soap bottle labels and putting up posters

We also donated Kirei Kirei Foaming Hand Soap to the schools for use in their hand washing areas so children could put the lessons into practice.

In the lesson on hand washing hygiene, the teachers talked about germs and viruses, how hand washing can protect your loved ones, the correct way to wash hands and the features of Kirei Kirei Foaming Hand Soap.

After the lesson, the children took home their custom soap bottles to use with their families, helping to promote their continued use of Kirei Kire Foaming Hand Soapi. A total of 653 children participated in the lessons.

Another 6,000 parents of children at 65 kindergartens that were unable to participate due to preventive COVID-19 restrictions were provided with flyers (sent home in children’s parent-teacher notebooks) about the importance of hand washing. At the same time, we worked to encourage parents to purchase and try the product by offering special discounts on our e-commerce site, thereby promoting sales and expanding recognition of the Kirei Kirei brand.

Furthermore, to publicize the event, in addition to posting on the YoYo kindergarten website and Facebook, we collaborated with newspapers to publish articles in print and online. This increased the exposure of the event and boosted awareness of the importance of hand washing among an even greater segment of the public.

YoYo kindergarten event
Tools for interacting with parents: flyers tucked into parent-teacher notebooks

* EBC YoYo, also known as YoYo TV, is a Taiwanese children’s cable channel operated by Eastern Television.