Creating Healthy Living Habits Activities at Lion Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.

Some activities have been cancelled or postponed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Lion Group is revising its activities, including the use of online technologies, as it continues working to create healthy living habits.

Oral Health Care

1 Lion Oral Health Award

Lion Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. (LCT) held Lion Oral Health Award ceremony online in July 2021. In collaboration with Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health, LCT has been supporting and fostering people conducting studies and activities that are beneficial to preventive dentistry in Thailand since 2009.

For the 2021 Lion Oral Health Award, LCT bestowed three awards to dentists and dental nurses. About 700 people, including dentists and dental nurses, participated in the accompanying online seminar.

Mr. Boonyarith Mahamontri, President of LCT, presenting the winners of the Lion Oral Health Award 2021
The three winners

2 Improving the Oral Function of Senior Citizens in Cooperation with a Provincial Public Health Office

Phrae province is a markedly graying area in northern Thailand. Since 2018, LCT has been promoting activities to increase senior citizens’ quality of life by reducing incidents of choking, increasing chewing strength and improving dry mouth in cooperation with the Provincial Public Health Office. The concept behind these activities was the topic of a talk given by a dental specialist at the Lion Oral Health Award 2016 . Dentists of the Provincial Public Health Office regularly present lectures about oral care in communities with large concentrations of senior citizens. To prevent declines in the mouth’s function and to maintain and improve the vitality of the area around the mouth, the dentists teach mouth exercises called “Kenkobi” developed by Lion Foundation of Dental Health (LDH), a public interest incorporated foundation established by Lion Corporation in Japan. Six months after starting the exercise program, most attendees improve and their difficulties with choking and dry mouth are reduced. LCT provides “Kenkobi” brochures and display boards to the province to help more senior citizens do the exercises.

In 2020, activities were conducted in Chonburi Province in eastern Thailand and in Bangkok. A total of about 150 senior citizens participated in the event.

LCT will continue to contribute to improving oral care for the citizens of Thailand in cooperation with the Provincial Public Health Office.

Attendants listening and watching the demonstration of “Kenkobi” mouth exercises with “Kenkobi” brochures in their hands
Senior community members practicing “Kenkobi” mouth exercises in Chonburi Province
Commemorative photo with community members in Chonburi Province
Senior community members practicing “Kenkobi” mouth exercises in Bangkok

3 Collaboration with Provincial Hospitals, Health Offices and Retailers

Milk teeth sometimes receive less attention than adult teeth because they eventually fall out. However, implementing oral care from a young age is very important because oral health affects overall health.

With the aim of promoting proper oral health care and firmly establishing the concept of preventive dentistry,* LCT collaborates with provincial hospitals and health offices to carry out related activities, for example, offering dental checkups, treatment and instruction in proper brushing to children. At local schools this begins with local dental hygienists conducting dental checkups. If cavities are found, a treatment called “Smart Technique” is performed by a dentist.

In 2018, LCT collaborated with local retailers to introduce correct brushing methods through a show for children ages 2 to 5 using the KODOMO brand. LCT provided discount coupons for LCT products viable only at the cooperating retailers. This initiative is aimed at encouraging children to continue to brush their teeth correctly at home.

The activity was conducted in Ranong Province (in southern Thailand) in 2020, with 238 children. LCT will expand this initiative to other areas to teach more citizens in Thailand about oral care

The Smart Technique treatment
Participants with KODOMO brand mascots

* Lion Group companies overseas are collaborating with dental professionals and retailers on initiatives based on the concept of preventive dentistry. Working together with dental professionals, Lion strives to increase awareness and understanding of oral care by sharing information on good oral care and practical tooth brushing methods. In addition, Lion promotes good oral care habits by providing products that suit individuals’ specific oral care needs through retailers and other markets.

4 Oral Care and Health Education for Employees during Their Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the secretion of saliva tends to decrease due to an increase in the production of such hormones as estrogen, causing the risk of cavities and periodontal disease to rise.

LCT conducts seminars to communicate the importance of health and oral care during pregnancy to expectant employees at its Humanized Hall facility. Regarding health management, nurses from LCT’s nurse office and doctors give lectures on necessary nutrition during pregnancy. With regard to oral care during pregnancy, they conduct lectures on how a mother’s oral condition can affect her baby’s oral health and teach correct tooth brushing practices.

In 2020, 10 employees who were either expecting or recent mothers participated in this seminar.

Presentation of proper toothbrushing technique by LCT staff
Attendants brushing their teeth after a lecture
Commemorative photo with attendants

5 Working with a Provincial Public Health Office in Southern Thailand to Reduce Cavities

Childhood cavities are a big problem in southern Thailand. To solve this problem, LCT has started a project aimed at reducing cavities among five local families in cooperation with the Provincial Public Health Office in Pattani Province. The issue in this area is that neither parents nor children are well educated about oral care. They do not know correct practices for preventing cavities. The idea for this project, called “preventive dentistry with the whole family,” was the topic of a lecture given by a dentist at the Lion Oral Health Award 2017.

The participating five families will practice correct self-care at their homes and go to see a dentist periodically for additional routine care. Their dentist will record their oral conditions using smartphones and use these records to give them feedback.

LCT will contribute to solving social issues in southern Thailand by establishing good oral care habits and reducing cavities through this project.

Routine care at the dentist’s office
Recording oral conditions using a smartphone

6 Oral Care Promotional Activities in Cooperation with the Government

The Thai government has held an annual Health Fair since 2012 with the aim of increasing Thai citizens’ awareness of health issues. The 2018 Health Fair was held at the Ao Udom Community Center in Laem Chabang, Sriracha district. The fair’s events take place in local community centers, where medical facilities and health product retailers set up booths manned by volunteer physicians and nurses who provide checkups for participants and prescribe medicine. LCT ran a booth in this fair to introduce and practice “Kenkobi” mouth exercises with participants over 50 years old. LCT also gave participants products from its GoodAge and SALZ oral care brands for seniors. About 1,000 people participated in the Health Fair in 2018.

“Kenkobi” mouth exercises with participants


1 Instruction on Healthy, Hygienic Living Habits at Elementary Schools

In September 2021, LCT held the Happy Life Happy Home program for 4th and 5th graders (ages 9 to 11) at elementary schools in Bangkok. This program, held online, taught the students techniques for keeping their bodies healthy and clean and for keeping their homes clean and comfortable.

The program comprises two parts, Happy Life (covering tooth brushing, hand washing, face washing and showering) and Happy Home (covering laundry, dish washing and floor cleaning), and is aimed at increasing awareness of health, comfort and cleanliness through the use of LCT products. The elementary school students learned ways of keeping their bodies and homes clean, as well as the proper use of related products, from the participating LCT staff. 89 students participated in these online events.

The Lion mascot greeting online participants
Lecture about proper tooth brushing and hand washing techniques
Lecture about proper tooth brushing technique
Proper tooth brushing techniques
(in-person event in 2020)
Washing dishes
(in-person event in 2020)
Washing clothing
(in-person event in 2020)
(in-person event in 2020)
Cleaning the floor
(in-person event in 2020)
Group photo of participating students
(in-person event in 2020)

2 The Public-Private Collaboration Project

LCT contributes to the Public-Private Collaboration Project being advanced by the government of Thailand. In 2019, oral health and hand-washing educational activities were held in Lamphun Province and at the Saha Group’s Fair.* The theme of LCT's booth was the importance of proper oral health and hygiene practices.

At the Saha Industrial Park in Lamphun, LCT encouraged good hygiene practices using KireiKirei hand soap to teach the local students and provided education about “Kenkobi” mouth exercises for senior citizens.

At the Saha Group Fair, Saha Group companies meet each year and set up booths to exhibit their public-private collaboration projects. This year, LCT invited senior citizens from a senior club in Yannawa district, Bangkok, and Rai Nueng community center in Sriracha district, Chonburi, to join in “Kenkobi” mouth exercises training and provided instruction on proper tooth brushing methods at the booth. About 360 people from nearby communities participated this year.

* LCT is a joint venture of Lion Corporation and the Saha Group.

Encouraging good hygiene practices with KireiKirei hand soap at the Saha Industrial Park in Lamphun
Presentation on oral care at the Saha Industrial Park in Lamphun
Kenkobi” mouth exercises for senior citizens at Saha Group Fair
Instruction on proper tooth brushing methods

3 Conducting Hand Washing Classes for Elementary School Students near a Production Site

LCT provides classes on hand washing for children at schools near its Sriracha Plant. Children first rub a special cream on their hands that glows under a black light to simulate grime. Then, they are asked to wash their hands and check under the black light how well the cream came off. From this exercise, children see how washing hands with just water or washing hands poorly cannot get rid of dirt properly and are then taught proper washing techniques.

Since most of the students who participate in the hand washing lecture do not habitually wash their hands before lunch, LCT will continue its efforts to contribute to the establishment of hygienic habits among students.

Washing hands correctly
Reviewing the hard-to-wash parts after checking under a black light

Environmental Conservation Activity

Tooth Brushing Lectures at an Environmental Fair

LCT operated a booth at the “Eco-Products International Fair 2016,” an environmental fair. The concept of the booth was that humans are part of the environment and that “people can harmonize with the environment as long as they are healthy.” The booth also featured the environmental efforts of LCT and Lion Corporation Japan.

On the event’s main stage, LCT conducted tooth brushing seminars for elementary school students, teaching that one’s overall health starts with oral health, in line with LCT’s booth concept.

Tooth brushing lectures on the main stage
Students visiting LCT’s booth

Donation Activities

To fulfill its corporate social responsibility, LCT, as a hygiene product manufacturer, actively engages in social contribution activities, such as in-kind donations of hygiene-related products sold by the company.

Activity 1 Donations for seniors in rural areas

Period March 2021
Location Disaster Action Center, The Thai Red Cross Society
Donations 3,600,000 units of KireiKirei alcohol gel 50 ml
Details Working with the Relief and Community Health Bureau of the Thai Red Cross Society, LCT donated KireiKirei alcohol gel for inclusion in health care bags provided to seniors in rural areas who require long-term support.

Activity 2 Donation of products for flooding victims

Period October 2021
Location MCOT Public Company Limited (Thai state-owned public broadcaster)
Donations LCT hygiene products
Details LCT took part in the MCOT Careless Project, donating hygiene products to support victims of flooding in Saraburi.

Donation activities related to the COVID-19 pandemic

Activity 1 Donation of products for medical personnel and patients

Period May 2021
Location Charoenkrung Pracharak Hospital (Bangkok)
Donations LCT products worth 1,000,000 baht
Details LCT donated hygiene products to medical personnel and COVID-19 patients at a field hospital managed by Charoenkrung Pracharak Hospital.

Activity 2 Donation of products for medical personnel and patients

Period May 2021
Location Royal Thai Air Force Hospital (Bangkok)
Donations LCT hygiene products worth 500,000 baht, including the following:
·Systema toothpaste
·Q’lean Shampoo
·Shokubutsu-Monogatari (Plant Story) Shower Cream
·Flore bar soap
·Dentor Pro Clean toothbrush
·Kodomo talcum powder
·Lipon F Purify dishwashing detergent
·Silver Nano Powder Detergent
·KireiKirei alcohol spray
·Essence alcohol spray
·Look Multi Surface Spray
·Look floor cleaner
Details LCT donated hygiene products to medical personnel and COVID-19 patients at a field hospital managed by Royal Thai Air Force Hospital.

Activity 3 Donation of products for medical personnel and patients

Period May 2021
Location Banphaew Hospital
Donations LCT hygiene products worth 121,662 baht
Details LCT donated hygiene products to medical personnel and COVID-19 patients at a field hospital managed by Banphaew Hospital.

Activity 4 Donation of products for medical personnel and patients

Period May 2021
Location Bangkok Metropolitan Administration City Hall
Donations Saha Group hygiene products worth 2,500,000 baht
Details LCT partnered with Saha Group to donate Saha Group hygiene products, including LCT products, to medical personnel and COVID-19 patients at a field hospital managed by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration City Hall.

Activity 5 Donation of products for medical personnel and patients

Period June 2021
Location Medical Service Department, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
Donations LCT hygiene products worth 200,000 baht
Details LCT donated hygiene products to medical personnel and COVID-19 patients at a field hospital managed by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.

Activity 6 Donation of products for medical personnel and patients

Period July 2021
Location Takbai Hospital (Narathiwat Province)
Donations LCT hygiene products worth 100,000 baht
Details LCT donated hygiene products to medical personnel and COVID-19 patients at Takbai Hospital.

Activity 7 Donation of products for medical personnel and patients

Period July 2021
Location ·Leamchaban Hospital
·Somdej Phraborom Ratchathewi Hospital
·Chonburi Hospital
Donations LCT hygiene products
Details LCT donated hygiene products to medical personnel and COVID-19 patients at three hospitals near its factory.

Activity 8 Donation of products for patients

Period July 2021
Location Wat Dok Mai School
Donations LCT hygiene products
Details LCT donated hygiene products for COVID-19 patients at an isolation center set up at Wat Dok Mai School.

Activity 9 Donation of products to a temple

Period August 2021
Location Wat Ton Bon Temple
Donations ·108 Shop laundry detergent
·Essence Alcohol Spray
·Lipon-F dishwashing detergent
Details LCT cooperated with Wat Ton Bon Temple and the Yannawa district's elderly school to support local residents impacted by COVID-19 by donating hygiene products.

Activity 10 Donation of products for patients

Period August 2021
Location National Health Security Office, Ministry of Public Health (Bangkok)
Donations ·Essence Alcohol Spray
Details LCT worked with the National Health Security Office of the Ministry of Public Health to donate products for use in health care bags provided to COVID-19 patients.

Activity 11 Monetary donations to support medical professionals

Period April 2020
Location The eight medical facilities below
Outside collaborators
Donations Donated money 4.1 million baht to support the supply of medical equipment, etc., for fighting COVID-19 as follows.
1) Bamrasnaradura Infectious Disease Institute 1,000,000 baht
2) Siriraj Hospital 500,000 baht
3) Chulalongkorn Hospital 500,000 baht
4) Ramathibodi Hospital 500,000 baht
5) Charoenkrung Pracharak Hospital 300,000 baht
6) Somdej Phraborom Ratchathewi Hospital 300,000 baht
7) Chonburi Hospital 500,000 baht
8) Thammasat Hospital 500,000 baht
Details LCT donated funds to eight medical facilities to support medical professionals treating COVID-19 patients

Activity 12 “LION pan suk” donation project

Period August 2020
Location Bangkok
Donations 1,000 sets of LCT products (contents listed below)
·KireiKirei alcohol gel (one 50 ml bottle)
·Lipon F dishwashing detergent (one 500 ml bottle)
·DENTOR Toothbrush (one)
·SYSTEMA Toothpaste (one 96 g tube)
·Shokubutsu-Monogatari (Plant Story) Shower Cream (one 250 ml bottle)
·Q’lean Shampoo (one 170 ml bottle)
·Pao White Powder laundry detergent (one 900 g package)
·Lion original cloth mask (one)
Details LCT donated sets of its products to taxi drivers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. LCT promoted the project over traffic news radio stations. The sets were distributed to taxi drivers via a drive-through set up at LCT’s office on Rama 3 Road in Bangkok.

Activity 13 Product donation to Andaman Sea fishermen

Period May 2020
Location Ranong Province, Phangnga Province, Phuket Province
Donations 1 set per household (Total 1,600 sets)
·Pao Active Powder laundry detergent 80g
·Essence Power laundry detergent 40g
·Lipon F dish washing detergent 100ml
·Lipon F F Bergamot dish washing detergent 100ml
·SALZ Sensitive Toothpaste 100g
·St.Andrews Kids Toothpaste 50g
·Flore Bar Soap
·St.Andrews Talcum Powder 50g
Details LCT donated products to fishermen in Ranong Province, Phangnga Province and Phuket Province who were impacted by COVID-19.
Unloading donated products for fishermen
People in the fishing village with donated goods