Sustainability Material Issues and Objectives for 2030

Identifying Material Issues

In 2020, the Lion Group applied the steps below to revise its list of Sustainability Material Issues to address over the coming decade in order to achieve its goals for 2030, including the realization of the management vision and contributing to the realization of the SDGs. These Sustainability Material Issues are relevant to both the Lion Group and society at large and, with the goal of helping to realize a healthy future for people and the planet, their choice was informed by broad business, environmental and social sustainability perspectives. In identifying these issues, we comprehensively considered the entire value chain and interests of Lion's stakeholders in order to understand the risks and opportunities each represents.

In particular, we have positioned “Creating Healthy Living Habits” and “Promoting Environmental Initiatives for a Sustainable Planet” as top priority material issues that we must invest management resources toward to secure a competitive advantage. In addition, we revised our objectives and other indicators in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and drastic changes in the social environment.

Our Approach to Identifying Sustainability Material Issues


Steps for Identifying Sustainability Material Issues


Risks and Opportunities Related to Sustainability Material Issues in the Value Chain

Lion has classified its Sustainability Material Issues as presenting either risks or opportunities based on considerations of the entire value chain and its stakeholders.


The Lion Group Sustainability Material Issues and Objectives for 2030

With an eye to achieving its management vision of “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company” by 2030 and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of shared global goals for 2030, the Lion Group has established the Lion Group Sustainability Material Issues and objectives for 2030.

The Lion Group believes that it is crucial to take a longer-term perspective in order to ensure that it can continue to meet the needs of society and customers and grow its businesses. In 2021, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in the social environment, we have revised our objectives and indicators. Aiming for a higher level of achievement, the 2030 objectives include quantitative indicators for evaluating our progress.

Taking an integrated approach that incorporates sustainability into management strategy, the Lion Group aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and achieve further business growth.

Top Priority Material Issue: