Together with the EnvironmentRealizing a Resource-Circulating Society


The Lion Group will address environmental issues, such as plastic-related problems and water resource shortages, by promoting various activities to realize a resource-circulating society. By doing so, we will contribute to the solution of social issues.

Plastic-related problems are related to other environmental issues as well. For example, excessive plastic use increases life cycle CO2 emissions, contributing to global warming, and improper disposal can result in marine plastics, negatively impacting biodiversity. Because Lion manufactures and sells plastic products, it has a significant responsibility regarding plastic-related problems.

The Group has published the Lion Group Plastics Environmental Declaration, which lays out its policy for addressing plastic-related problems. Going forward, based on this policy, we will set targets aimed at realizing a resource-circulating society both in Japan and abroad and continuously work to solve related issues.

Water is a resource of utmost importance and vital for all living creatures. Global demand for water is predicted to increase from 4 trillion (in 2000) to 5.2 trillion cubic meters (in 2025), * and shortages of water around the world are expected to grow increasingly grave. To address the shortage of water resources, we are working to reduce water usage throughout our products’ life cycles. As a corporation that provides products that are helpful in daily lives, we believe it is our responsibility to reduce water usage not only in business activities, but by offering water-saving products. Since 2010, we have been selling TOP NANOX (now TOP SUPER NANOX), a highly concentrated liquid laundry detergent that washes away easily for one-rinse, residue-free washing. In addition, as of 2020, our entire lineup of liquid laundry detergents can be used in single-rise washing. We will continue to strive to reduce water usage.

* Ministry of the Environment, Annual Report on the Environment, the Sound Material-Cycle Society and the Biodiversity in Japan 2010


The Lion Group promotes the recycling and effective use of plastic, water and other resources at all stages from raw material procurement to disposal by consumers. We will continue to promote initiatives to realize a resource-circulating society.

Activities for Realizing a Resource-Circulating Society

Using plant-derived raw materials Using biomass or recycled materials Plants: Promoting zero emissions from plants Plants: Reducing water consumption by recycling wastewater from production processes and utilizing rainwater Offices/Facilities: Promoting Company-wide green purchasing Increasing environmental awareness through products (environmental labels on products that meet the Lion eco-standard) Reducing water usage during product use with water-saving products (requiring fewer rinses when washing) Promotion of 3Rs (making products more compact, refill packs, development of containers made using recycled or less plastic) Promoting the Toothbrush Recycling Program Promoting the Toothbrush Recycling Program