Lion Group Plastics Environmental Declaration

Plastic is one of the most useful materials in the world, and is indispensable for both people’s daily lives and for the Lion Group’s business. However, excessive use and improper disposal of plastics leads to negative effects on the environment. Appropriate usage, collection, recycling, and reuse are becoming even more important. The Lion Group has set “Promoting Environmental Initiatives for a Sustainable Planet” as one of its material issues and aims to achieve business development in a sustainable society.
We are taking on the challenge of solving plastic-related problems as one of the priority issues of the LION Eco Challenge 2050, aiming to minimize the amount of plastic used and to collect and recycle all plastic waste.

Lion Group 2050 Targets

The Lion Group aims to further reduce the amount of plastic resources used in its business operations, then collect and recycle used plastic resources for reuse to achieve a continuous cycle of plastic use.

Lion Group 2030 Targets

  • Actively promote renewables and the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)
  • Reduce the percentage of virgin petroleum-derived plastics used in products and containers to 70% or less of total plastic resources
  • Promote habits to use refillable products and increase the percentage of refill products to at least 50% of total products
  • Advance recycling initiatives in Japan and build recycling infrastructure across multiple companies

1. Lion Group Initiatives

Target Setting and Monitoring

  • To realize the goals set in LION Eco Challenge 2050, we will monitor the amount of plastic resources used in our business activities and set targets and indicators that match business characteristics as well as national and regional conditions. We will strive to enhance measures through periodic monitoring and implementation. In addition, we will formulate roadmaps for particularly important measures and promote initiatives more vigorously.


  • We will minimize the amount of plastic used in our products and other business activities.
  • We will fundamentally rethink our products and packaging to create groundbreaking solutions.


  • We will promote the long-term use of products and their packaging as well as expand the use of refill products.
  • We will promote the sustainable use of plastic resources used in connection with our business.


  • We will change our products and packaging to easily recyclable specifications.
  • We will collect and recycle used products, packages, and plastic resources used in our business.
  • We will provide information on disposal methods and precautions for used products and packages to consumers and recyclers to encourage recycling.

Utilization of Sustainable Materials

  • We will expand the use of recycled plastics and biomass materials.

Prevention of Marine Plastic Pollution

  • We will promote alternative products and packaging to reduce ocean runoff and pollution.
  • We will properly dispose of plastic waste generated by our business and promote the minimization of environmental runoff.

2. Research & Development

The Lion Group aims to realize an advanced resource-circulating society and will strategically invest in research and development in the three areas of packaging technology, collection technology, and reuse technology. In addition, we will participate in initiatives to further these goals.

3. Stakeholders and Partnerships

The Lion Group will promote dialogue and collaboration with all stakeholders with the goal of realizing an advanced resource-circulating society.

4. Together with Consumers

The Lion Group will engage in educational activities to encourage new habits among consumers and educational activities for the next generation with the goal of realizing an advanced resource-circulating society.

5. Information Disclosure

The Lion Group regularly disclose information on its initiatives based on this Declaration through its website and other means.

The Lion Group has established the management vision of “Becoming an advanced daily healthcare company” for 2030 and is united with its employees in its commitment to play a leading role in realizing an advanced resource-circulating society.

Established May 1, 2022

Masazumi Kikukawa

Representative Director, President and Executive Officer