Product Process Technology

Lion provides consumers with high-quality products in a wide range of fields. An important aspect of this is devising manufacturing processes for new raw materials as well as products developed by our research laboratories that are viable from a business perspective. In addition to furthering our expertise and technology in the fields of chemical engineering, materials science and interface science, a few of our strengths, we constantly pursue optimal manufacturing processes that connect product development and production by fully embracing the cutting-edge technologies of digital transformation.

In recent years, with the aim of contributing to a sustainable society, we have been developing new surfactants and manufacturing processes for various cleaning agents that use these surfactants, with a focus on environmental friendliness. Lion’s anionic surfactant alpha-methyl ester sulfonate (MES), produced from high-purity methyl ester, and the non-ionic surfactant methyl ester ethoxylate (MEE) feature excellent detergency and biodegradability and are produced from plant-based ingredients. Given their features, their use is expected to expand, and we are advancing research aimed at further improving their manufacturing processes.

R&D Case Study

Research Accomplishment—Product Process Technology

  • Comparison of oral metabolome profiles of stimulated saliva, unstimulated saliva, and mouth-rinsed water

    Scientific Reports


    Yuki Maruyama 1), Yuichiro Nishimoto 2), Kouta Umezawa 3), Ryosuke Kawamata 1),Yuko Ichiba 1), KotaTsutsumi 1), Mitsuo Kimura 1), Shinnosuke Murakami 2),4), Yasushi Kakizawa 1),Takashi Kumagai 3), TakujiYamada 2),5) & Shinji Fukuda 2),4),6),7)

    1)Research and Development Headquarters, Lion Corporation
    2)Metabologenomics, Inc., 3)Hiyoshi Oral Health Clinics,4)Institute for Advanced Biosciences,Keio University,5)Department of Life Science and Technology,6)Gut Environmental Design Group, Kanagawa Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, 7)
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  • Applying Methyl Ester Sulfonate(MES) to Liquid Detergent:Improving the Physical Properties of MES for the Manufacturing Process



    Kazuki Shimizu

  • Chemical Engineering Promoting Circular Economy Initiatives for the Recycled Use of Manufacturing Process Wastewater

    SCEJ 52nd Autumn Meeting


    Naoki Nishikawa

  • Recent trend in water reuse technology "Recycling of Wastewater from the Manufacturing Process of Toiletry Products"

    The 22nd JSWE Symposium


    Yoshio Shimizu

  • New Methyl Ester Ethoxylate Derived from C18 Fraction of Palm Oil for Liquid Laundry Detergen

    2018 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo


    Akinori Joko