Product Process Technology

Lion provides consumers with high-quality products in a wide range of fields. An important aspect of this is devising manufacturing processes for new raw materials as well as products developed by our research laboratories that are viable from a business perspective. In addition to furthering our expertise and technology in the fields of chemical engineering, materials science and interface science, a few of our strengths, we constantly pursue optimal manufacturing processes that connect product development and production by fully embracing the cutting-edge technologies of digital transformation.

In recent years, with the aim of contributing to a sustainable society, we have been developing new surfactants and manufacturing processes for various cleaning agents that use these surfactants, with a focus on environmental friendliness. Lion’s anionic surfactant alpha-methyl ester sulfonate (MES), produced from high-purity methyl ester, and the non-ionic surfactant methyl ester ethoxylate (MEE) feature excellent detergency and biodegradability and are produced from plant-based ingredients. Given their features, their use is expected to expand, and we are advancing research aimed at further improving their manufacturing processes.

R&D Case Study

Research Accomplishment—Product Process Technology

Product Process Technology

  • Coarse-grained molecular simulation of surfactants using dissipative particle dynamics method


    Akinori Joko

  • Applying Methyl Ester Sulfonate(MES) to Liquid Detergent:Improving the Physical Properties of MES for the Manufacturing Process

    2021 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo


    Kazuki Shimizu

  • Chemical Engineering Promoting Circular Economy Initiatives for the Recycled Use of Manufacturing Process Wastewater

    2021 SCEJ Autumn Meeting


    Naoki Nishikawa

  • Recent trend in water reuse technology "Recycling of Wastewater from the Manufacturing Process of Toiletry Products"

    The 22nd JSWE Symposium


    Yoshio Shimizu

  • New Methyl Ester Ethoxylate Derived from C18 Fraction of Palm Oil for Liquid Laundry Detergen

    2018 AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo


    Akinori Joko

  • Environmental Solution Technology,17,3 (2018)
    Recent trend in water reuse technology "Recycling of Wastewater from the Manufacturing Process of Toiletry Products"

    Environmental solution technology

    Naoki Nishikawa