R&D Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation of R&D Operations

Aiming to make a difference in everyday lives by redesigning habits, the R&D Division is using digital technologies like AI and collaborative robots to update its capability to handle an era of ever greater complexity. The four priority areas are “the automation of quality assessment work,” “the accumulation and management of research data,” “realizing composition development based on data” and “advanced use of external data,” as we look to create new value by enhancing the productivity of each and every researcher.

Automation of Quality Assessment Work

In our product development work, we regularly verify the long-term stability of product quality to ensure that customers can use our products with peace of mind. Currently, utilizing collaborative robots, we have developed a research environment that enables accurate and efficient sample preparation and measurement. Going forward, we will extend the use of various type robots to a wider variety of experimental work and further automate quality assessment, which will help expand the time available for the creation of new value.

Realizing Composition Development Based on Data

To achieve the quality targets leading to customer experience, we are advancing even better research through multiple repeated experiments based on experiment data and researcher experience and knowledge. Currently, we are working on making products with shorter periods of study than conventional methods by combining informatics technology with researcher experience and knowledge. Going forward, we will work to accelerate R&D by adapting this approach to the development of more products.

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