Social Contribution Activities

Supporting Science Education

Educational Support for STEM Students

To develop students’ spirit of inquiry regarding science in their everyday lives, each year, Lion holds tours, lessons and lecture by researchers at its Research and Development Headquarters (in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo) for students of designated Super Science High Schools and other high school students interested in STEM careers.

In experiment-based lessons, participants get to see surface tension first hand after learning about in chemistry class, putting the functions of surfactants into a familiar context and thus deepening their understanding.

The tours of the Research and Development Headquarters cover the history of Lion’s technological progress and development and technologies that have been applied to products in order to develop participants’ interest in science. Because students are able to hear from researchers directly, these events help students expand their interests and develop a sense of what it is like to work in research.

An experiment in a high school science room
Tour/Lesson Participants
Event year Number of schools Participants
2023 3 schools 89 participants
2022 5 schools 138 participants
2021 2 schools 62 participants
2020 2 schools 68 participants
2019 6 schools 168 participants

Participation in “Rico-Challe,” Organized by the Cabinet Office

Since 2019, Lion has supported “Rico-Challe,” a campaign to support female junior high, high school and university students choosing STEM fields being implemented by the Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Education Policy Bureau and the Japan Business Federation. As part of this support, we took part in Summer Rico-Challe to provide experience working in STEM fields.

The new format along with new content has attracted a wide range of participants from across Japan. In 2022 and 2023, in addition to the online event, we collaborated with local authorities across Japan to create hybrid events enabling online interaction with students who participated in the experiment-based lessons at satellite venues. Participants learned about the technologies behind products used in everyday life through experiment-based lessons and toured the Research and Development Headquarters and plants to see the manufacturing process first hand. In addition, junior employees talked about their experiences to students, providing an opportunity for participants to think concretely about their own academic choices. We will continue these efforts going forward.

Chemistry Communication Award 2022

This award is sponsored by the Japan Union of Chemical Science and Technology. It recognizes organizations and individuals who contribute to deepening society’s understanding of chemical technologies through educational and awareness-raising activities. This is the second time Lion has received this award.

Lion received the award in recognition of its ongoing science education activities tailored to different age groups as well as its work with Rico-Challe, which it has evolved each year since 2019 and in 2022 included initiatives with local authorities across Japan.

Chemistry Communication Award Certificate and Shield

Community Contribution Activities

Experiment-Based Lessons for Elementary School Students

Edogawa-ku, where Lion’s Research and Development Headquarters is located, has been implementing science education center activities for more than 50 years. The local government, schools and residents work together to teach children about the interesting scientific phenomena in their daily lives.

As part of these activities, for more than 15 years, Lion has held experiment-based lessons about the mechanisms of grime removal, which is directly applicable to participants’ daily lives.

Permeation Experiment

An experiment showing the effect of surfactants on the permeation of water into pieces of fabric

Grease rolling-up Experiment

An experiment showing how surfactants can pull grime off of fibers

Re-Adhesion Prevention Experiment

An experiment showing how surfactants can prevent grime from re-adhering to fibers
Events and Participants
Event year Lessons given Volunteer Researchers
2023 2 times 20 volunteer researchers
2022 2 times 20 volunteer researchers
2019 4 times 35 volunteer researchers
2018 4 times 49 volunteer researchers