Biodiversity Policy

The Lion Group is closely connected to biodiversity, depending on it for raw material procurement and many aspects of its business operations and impacting it at each stage of the value chain. Accordingly, we will contribute to the realization of Nature Positive and a society in harmony with nature, based on United Nations agreements and frameworks related to biodiversity.

  1. We assess and disclose risks, dependencies and impacts on biodiversity throughout the value chain, from the procurement of raw materials to the use and disposal of products by consumers.
  2. Working from the assessment in the previous clause, we will undertake initiatives to halt the loss of as well as to restore biodiversity.
  3. We will promote biodiversity conservation in an integrated manner that combines climate change measures, reduced use and increased recycling of plastic resources, and the conservation of water resources.
  4. Considering the impact of our business on biodiversity and regional characteristics, we will collaborate with stakeholders to conserve biodiversity.
  5. Together with consumers, we will promote the development of biodiversity-friendly habits.

Established June 1, 2024

Masayuki Takemori

Representative Director,
President and Executive Officer

Harmonizing with Nature (Biodiversity)