Environmental Policy

The Lion Group will, based on its purpose, “Make a difference in everyday lives by redesigning habits: ReDesign,” pursue business activities that are environmentally friendly and act voluntarily and proactively to minimize its burden on the global environment in all processes, from the development of products to the procurement of raw materials, production, distribution, sales, use by customers and disposal.

Striving to combat wide-ranging global environmental problems, the Group will utilize its strengths and technologies to advance efforts aimed at the realization of a decarbonized, resource-circulating society and a healthy future for people and the planet.

  1. Aiming for a Sustainable Society
    Promote an environmental management system and, through the ongoing maintenance and improvement of that system, protect the global environment.
  2. Complying with Legal and Other Requirements
    Establish and implement voluntary standards of conduct regarding compliance with laws and regulations related to environmental protection and the handling of initiatives and requests from stakeholders.
  3. Setting and Verifying the Implementation of Environmental Objectives and Targets
    Correctly understand the environmental impact of our corporate activities and, to the extent technically and economically feasible, establish objectives and targets for improvement while formulating, implementing and regularly verifying the status of implementation of an environmental management program.
  4. Providing Environment-Friendly Products and Services
    Actively provide environmentally friendly products and services based on life cycle assessments.
  5. Reducing Environmental Impacts Together with All Stakeholders
    Work with all stakeholders involved in our business activities, including suppliers, contractors and retailors, to reduce environmental burdens at all stages from development and materials procurement through the provision of products to customers and disposal.
  6. Harmonizing with Nature
    Conduct business activities while taking into account biodiversity as well as air and water environments and proactively address natural environment protection activities.
  7. Enhancing Environmental Protection Activities Based on Uniform Understanding of the Policy
    Promote awareness of the Environmental Policy and environmental protection among all employees and advance environmental management activities with all members of the Lion Group. In addition, share the social and environmental responsibilities of a sustainable company and promote awareness-raising and education of the next generation in conjunction with our business activities.
  8. Promoting Disclosure of Information
    Seek to maintain and promote communication with stakeholders involved in the Lion Group's businesses. Make this Environmental Policy freely available to anyone upon request.

Established April 1, 2004
Amended January 1, 2022

Masazumi Kikukawa

Representative Director, President and Executive Officer

Environmental Approach and Policy / Management