Lion R&D: Part of Our Lives

Looking around your home, you might find more Lion products than you expected. To support better living 24 hours a day, Lion continually conducts research and development with the consumer in mind.

Supporting Overall Health from the Mouth Outward

The impact of the oral environment on overall health in increasingly clear. Lion supports health through research on oral tissue and oral flora as well as through the development of oral care products suited to individual oral conditions and habits.

Taking Care of Your Home More Easily

Lion continues to analyze the actual state of grime lurking in our homes and is exploring products to take care of these issues. We propose new cleaning habits that expand effortless cleaning and make it easy to maintain a comfortable living environment.

Assist Healthy Lives with Pharmaceuticals

We are studying combinations of active ingredients based on pain mechanism research and formulation designs that work faster. We have developed technologies for eye drops to enhance vitamin A functionality, to make them preservative-free and to stabilize the tear film lipid layer. We are also developing highly effective products for eye fatigue, blurred vision and eye dryness.

Reducing CO₂ by Improving LIB performance

Demand for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (LIBs), including for electric vehicles and the storage of renewable energy, is expected to increase to support the realization of decarbonization. To improve performance, we are conducting research on high-performance electro- conductive carbon black, which plays an indispensable role in LIB function.

Earth-Friendly, Environmentally Conscious R&D

We are also developing technologies to reduce environmental impact across all product life cycles, from product research, manufacturing, distribution and delivery to disposal after use. The creation of resource-conserving refillable containers and high-concentration formulations are examples of these efforts.

Supporting Health from Clean Hands

Hand washing is an important part of preventing infectious diseases. We contribute to the realization of a hygienic society not only through the development of products such as hand soap and hand sanitizers, but also through the development of information and educational activities aimed at disseminating proper hand washing methods.

Housework Made Easier and More Comfortable

Washing the dishes every day quickly and inevitably leads to the drain becoming dirty. There are many cleaning tasks in the kitchen that must be kept up with. Through the development of stain removal, stain prevention, quick-drying and other technologies, Lion offers new ideas that lessen the tedium of housework.

Wash Your Body Comfortably

To enhance the comfort of daily cleansing routines, Lion is pursuing the improvement of foam quality from a scientific viewpoint. We are also investigating a technology that helps manage skin texture by controlling the adsorption of complexes generated by charge reactions between surfactants and polymers.

Supporting Your Daily Life by Enhancing the Comfort of Clothing

We are pursuing odor elimination technology based on investigations into the mechanisms causing unpleasant odors in laundry. In addition, to enhance consumer satisfaction we are pursuing research in the field of laundry behavior.

Follow-Up for Good Sleep

Focusing on the effects of sake yeast on sleep, we are developing products aimed at improving the quality of sleep. We are also developing technology to create visualizations of physical conditions, including sleep and fatigue levels.