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Gum Check [Dental and Oral Health Check]

Gingivitis refers to a periodontal disease condition in which inflammation is limited only to the gums. Although symptoms such as changing of the gum color to red or bleeding from the gums while brushing are observed, the gums can be restored to a healthy condition by removing the plaque or tartar that is causing gingivitis.

Check your Gums

Are your gums healthy?
The health condition of your gums can be checked with the naked eye.
Let’s check that our gums are unaffected by gingivitis using a hand mirror.

Healthy gums

The gums are light pink and firm.

Before checking your gums, let’s see what healthy gums look like.

Observation 1Check the color of your gums.

The gums are red in color.

Is there any area of your gums that has turned red?
The area that has turned red in the photo below is affected by gingivitis.

Observation 2Check the shape of your gums.

The gums are round and plump.

Are the gums between teeth not swollen and plump? This is a symptom of gingivitis.

How to Maintain Healthy Gums

If either Observation 1 or 2 applies to any area of your gums, it is a warning sign of gingivitis. There are also other symptoms of gingivitis, such as bleeding from the gums while brushing. However, by removing plaque through careful brushing, you can treat gingivitis and regain healthy gums.