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Periodontal Disease Check [Dental and Oral Health Check]

The symptoms of periodontal disease are subtle, and it often progresses without notice. It is often left untreated because there is no pain. It is important to acquire the habit of observing our gums.

Periodontal Disease Risk Check

Check the condition of your mouth concerning the following checkpoints.

  • The color of my gums are red or blackish.
  • The gums between my teeth are rounded and swollen.
  • My gums tend to swell when I am tired or stressed.
  • Spaces are starting to appear between my teeth due to gum recession.
  • My teeth are elongating.
  • The surface of my teeth feel rough when I touch them with my tongue.
  • My gums easily bleed when brushing.
  • My mouth tastes bitter and feels pasty when waking up in the morning.
  • White pus comes out when I push my gums.
  • There is mobility in my teeth.
  • Food easily sticks between my teeth
  • My upper front teeth are starting to erupt.
  • Others have told me that I have a bad breath.

If there is even 1 item that applies to you, it is recommended that you go see your dentist as soon as possible.

Source: Toshihide Noguchi, School of Dentistry, Aichi Gakuin University, et al: Checkpoints and Prevention of Periodontal Disease, edition by Tsuyoshi Kawai et al., The ABC of Oral Care, Ishiyaku Pub, Inc., 1999