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How to Choose a Toothbrush [Toothbrush]

The size and alignment of teeth and gum conditions differ for each person. The cleaning effect of a toothbrush is reduced when it is either too large or too small. It is important to choose a toothbrush that suits the conditions of your mouth and the method of brushing you use.

points to note
  • When you buy a toothbrush, become familiar with the features of toothbrushes, and choose a toothbrush with a size and bristle hardness that suits your mouth and teeth conditions.

points to note when Choosing a Toothbrush

Choose a toothbrush that suits your teeth alignment or the size of your mouth and choose a bristle hardness in accordance with the condition of your gums. According to the Household Goods Quality Labeling Law, it is a requirement that the “material for handle”, “material for bristles” and “temperature tolerance” be listed on toothbrushes. Choose a toothbrush after checking the label on the package.

Toothbrush Size

After milk teeth start erupting upwards until all the permanent teeth have erupted, it is important to use a toothbrush that suits the alignment of a child`s teeth.

For final polishing ・Toothbrush that parents use to brush an infants’ milk teeth, which are starting to erupt
・Bristles are soft so that they won’t damage the soft gums of milk teeth, and the shape allows parents to easily hold it in a pencil grip
Small head designed for final polishing
For milk teeth ・Toothbrush for children’s self-brushing at the milk teeth stage
・Small size and handle diameter that suits children’s hand, making it easy for children to hold
Smaller head designed for milk teeth
For children growing permanent teeth ・For misaligned teeth while permanent teeth are growing
・Neck length that makes it easy to reach the first molars
Head designed for children in the stage of growing permanent teeth
For high school/junior high school students - adult ・For high school/junior high school students experiencing growth spurts or for adults with smaller mouths or misaligned teeth
・Head size that allows for easy brushing of areas around dental bridges or isolated teeth
Head designed for those with smaller mouths or misaligned teeth
・Toothbrushes with larger heads (4-row bristle) Large-sized 4-row bristle head