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Mechanism of Stains [Stains (discoloration of the teeth)]

Stains (discoloration of the teeth) from tea, coffee, cigarettes or other foods and drinks not only look unattractive but cause dullness or yellowing of the teeth; take frequent steps against stains.

points to note
  • Discoloration of teeth is mainly caused by pigments contained in tea or coffee and cigarette tar and nicotine.

What are Stains (Discoloration of Teeth)?

Pigments contained in black tea, green tea, coffee or cigarettes accumulate little by little over time, and become a major cause for stains (discoloration of the teeth).

Causes of Teeth Stains

The major cause of teeth stains is discoloration by food and drinks. In particular, black tea, green tea and coffee (mainly tannin) or cigarettes (nicotine, tar) easily stain the teeth; therefore, take frequent steps against stains.


What are stains?

Normally, the surface of the tooth enamel is covered by a thin salivary membrane called pellicle. When tannin in black tea, green tea or coffee or cigarette tar and nicotine bonds with calcium or metallic ions in saliva, stains are formed.

Tannin in coffee or black tea or sugar in food yields a chemical reaction, and the protein membrane adheres to the tooth surface and becomes a stain, causing dullness of the tooth.Mechanism of Dullness of the Teeth