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How to Choose and Use Oral Care Products

The method of caring for the teeth and mouth differs according to the condition of the teeth and gums. Let’s examine how to choose and use oral care products according to your oral condition.


Effects of toothpaste

Toothpaste has various effects for maintaining dental and oral health.

How to Choose Toothpaste

Get to know the effects of toothpaste, including the prevention of periodontal disease or sensitivity to cold, and choose a type of toothpaste that suits the conditions of your teeth and mouth.

What is Fluoride Toothpaste?

Fluoride toothpaste has the ability to prevent caries, such as the suppression of acid production, promotion of remineralization and strengthening of teeth.


How to Choose a Toothbrush

The cleaning effect of a toothbrush is reduced when it is either too large or too small, so choose a toothbrush that suits your mouth.

When to Change and How to Store Your Toothbrush

To ensure effective tooth brushing, change your toothbrush when the bristles of the toothbrush start to splay. This takes approximately 1 month.

Toothbrush/Toothpaste Set for Travel

Toothbrush/Toothpaste Set for Travel

Although self-care at home is the foundation of maintaining your oral health, establish the habit of brushing your teeth when you are traveling, away from home or at work.

Mouthwash (Dental Rinse)

Effects of Mouthwash

The use of mouthwash not only refreshes your mouth, but prevents periodontal disease through the effects of its active ingredients.

Dental Floss and Interdental Brushes

What are Dental Floss and Interdental Brushes?

It is effective to use dental floss or interdental brushes to clean areas such as those between teeth, where it is hard to reach with a toothbrush.

How to Choose Dental Floss and Interdental Brushes

Get to know the characteristics of the products and how to use them, and choose dental floss or interdental brushes that suit the gaps between your teeth.

How to Use dental Floss and an Interdental Brush

When using dental floss or an interdental brush, check the locations of the gaps between your teeth in a mirror, so as not to damage your gums.