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Oral Health checks of your teeth, gums and so on

Are your teeth and mouth in a healthy condition? Let’s examine the health conditions of your teeth and consider the features of teeth that differ by age group and precautions for each age group.

Dental & Oral Heath and Care

Medical records of health of your teeth and mouth

In order to maintain dental and oral health, let’s examine the features of teeth that differ by age group and the precautions for each group, in order to prevent caries, periodontal disease, and other oral problems.

Care by Age Group: fetal stage to infancy

The formation of permanent teeth begins during the fetal stage, and they develop in the jaw over a long period of time. All milk teeth emerge between 8 months to 3 years of age.

Care by Age Group: school-age

This is the period of transition from milk teeth to permanent teeth. Permanent teeth start to replace milk teeth from around the age of 6, and all 28 permanent teeth emerge by about the age of 12.

Care by Age Group: puberty to adulthood

From puberty to adulthood, the risk of not only caries but periodontal disease (gingivitis, periodontitis) that increases with changes in the living environment. It is recommended that the habit of checking the gums be acquired, so as to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Care by Age Group: stage of maturity

As a person grows older, their gums become thinner and more teeth will be lost, although there are individual differences. Locations such as the roots of the teeth or under dental prostheses become vulnerable to caries or periodontal disease.

Dental and Oral Health Risk Check

Caries check

In order to prevent caries and to maintain healthy teeth, review your lifestyle habits and remove the causes of caries.

Periodontal disease check

The symptoms of periodontal disease are subtle; by at the time it is noticed, it has already progressed. It is important to perform frequent self-checks by observing the condition of the gums.

Gum check

It is important to visually check the condition of your gums. Check your gums using a hand mirror.

Breath check

Bad breath can affect anybody in daily life, and it has various causes. If you are concerned about your breath, perform a self-check.

White teeth check

Let us consider some points to note for improving our day-to-day life by eliminating discoloration of the teeth, and to achieve white teeth without yellowing or dullness.