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Stain Prevention and Self-Care [Stains (discoloration of the teeth)]

Major causes of teeth stains (discoloration of the teeth) such as pigments contained in black tea, green tea, or coffee or cigarette tar and nicotine accumulate little by little in our daily life; therefore, careful everyday brushing is the key to preventing discoloration of teeth.

points to note
  • Careful daily brushing prevents discoloration of the teeth.
  • Using of toothpaste that effectively removes stains is recommended.

Prevention and Care

Discoloration of teeth does not look attractive. Remove causes of discoloration of the teeth, such as black tea, green tea, coffee or cigarette tar and nicotine, by daily brushing or using different brushing techniques.

Prevention and Care against Stains (Discoloration of the Teeth)

Use different techniques when brushing between teeth or areas of misaligned teeth, which are difficult to brush thoroughly with a toothbrush.
In addition, nicotine and tar in cigarettes change colors to brown and bond with calcium or other substances in saliva and adhere to teeth. However, since it takes many days for these to become fixed, if you clean your teeth every day, you can prevent yellowing or dullness of your teeth.


To remove cigarette stains

Toothpaste for cigarette stain removal containing an active ingredient such as polyethyleneglycol will dissolve cigarette stains and whiten your teeth.