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Educational Activities for Oral Health

Oral Care Educational Event at Kindergartens

Lion Wings (Indonesia) values the establishment of good oral care habits from early childhood and has conducted oral care educational events at kindergartens in Indonesia jointly with local dentists since 2008.

Children from age four to five are the main targets of the event. At the event, the importance of oral care is taught through puppet shows using the brand characters of KODOMO (Lion Wing’s oral care product line for children) and tooth brushing instruction by dentists. At the end of the event, all participants, including kindergarteners and parents, brush their teeth together correctly so that they can practice at home what they have learned through the event.

Moreover, Lion Wings visits the same kindergartens every two years to ensure the establishment of good oral care habits.

In 2016, the event was held in about 100 kindergartens for about 10,000 children, and the same numbers are planned for 2017.

Teaching children correct tooth brushing