Message from Management

“life. love. Lion” – Helping to Create a Bright Future for All

Itsuo Hama. Representative Director, President, Chief Executive Officer

Itsuo Hama
Representative Director, President, Chief Executive Officer

Since its founding, Lion has worked under the Company motto “Fulfilling a Spirit of Love” in the business domains of “Health,” “Comfort,” and “Environment” to provide quality products and services useful in daily life.

In 2011, Lion marked the 120th anniversary of its founding with the establishment of Vision2020, its management vision aimed at becoming “a company that creates value for lifestyle and spiritual fulfillment,” “an environmentally advanced company,” and “a company that continues to take on challenges, create and learn.” Beginning in 2012, Lion began advancing four strategies under this vision: (1) qualitative growth of domestic businesses; (2) quantitative expansion of overseas businesses; (3) development of new business value; and (4) enhancement of organizational learning capabilities.
We are currently carrying out the V-2 Plan, our medium-term management plan for the three years beginning with 2015. Under the strategy of qualitative growth of domestic businesses, we are steadily expanding high-added-value and market-creating products, mainly in the oral care and pharmaceutical product businesses. In quantitative expansion of overseas businesses, we are working to expand business and increase profits in the growing markets of Asia by promoting the penetration of our global brands, including SYSTEMA and KireiKirei, thus helping to promote healthy, comfortable lifestyles in the region. Under development of new business value, we are strengthening the foundations for dramatic growth of products designed to improve quality of life (QOL), mainly the Lactoferrin series, in our direct-to-consumer sales business. At the same time, we are also expanding our business in the growing e-commerce market. In enhancement of organizational learning capabilities, we are taking on bold new initiatives both in and outside Japan, working to foster self-motivation in our corporate organizations and among our human resources while accelerating the creation of opportunities for diverse human resources.

Furthermore, we are passionately engaged in CSR activities, including in the area of environmental issues, where we are striving to help realize a society with low carbon emissions and a sound material cycle. We also provide useful information related to daily living for our customers through Lidea, our Japanese-language website for lifestyle information.

At Lion, we aim to understand our customers better than any other company and, by providing products and services, contribute every day to the creation of a bright future for each individual.