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Educational Activities for Oral Health

1 Inculcating Positive Dental Messages for Children through NDCS Dental Boot Camp

In 2016, Lion Corporation Singapore supported National Dental Centre Singapore (NDCS), the first and largest dental specialty centre in Singapore, in organizing a “Dental Boot Camp” for children 3 to 10 years old. The event was conducted with the aim of inculcating positive dental messages in the children through activities and game booths, through which children could learn about good oral health habits. All participants were given a “game passport” to collect stamps upon completion of the game at each booth. Participants who collected all the stamps were given an oral care gift set. The Dental Boot Camp reached approximately 300 children and parents.

Entrance of the event

Game Passport for the Dental Boot Camp

Participants at a game booth

Display Booth for Lion Corporation Singapore

2 Supporting the Health Fair—Dental Screenings

The Hindu Endowments Board is a statutory body of the Singapore government that administers endowments given for the support of Hindu temples or other Hindu purposes. The Medical Support Service under the Hindu Endowments Board organizes the Health Fair yearly to foster the health awareness of the Indian community in Singapore. Lion Corporation Singapore supports this event together with the Singapore Dental Health Foundation,* conducting dental screenings and providing oral care products. All participants are provided with a set of Systema oral care products, including a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash, along with an oral care information leaflet. About 350 participants participated in the Health Fair in 2016.

Singapore Dental Health Foundation is an organization of volunteers working to increase dental health awareness and promote dental health in Singapore. This includes providing public dental screenings, conducting dental talks, seminars, forums, etc.

Oral Care Condition Check-up

Health Fair participants

3 Promoting Good Oral Health through a Dental Clinic

Lion Corporation Singapore supports Thomson Dental Centre, a dental clinic in Singapore, in educating patients on good oral health habits. A dental care set containing KODOMO or Systema oral care products (products of Lion Corporation Singapore) is provided to first-time patients at Thomson Dental Centre. Dentists educate patients on correct tooth brushing and oral care habits using a dental care set (KODOMO Kid Set, Systema Whitening Set, or Systema Gum Care Set) selected based on the patient’s age and oral health conditions. Each dental set consists of an oral care information leaflet, a toothbrush and toothpaste, with mouthwash in the Systema sets.

10,000 patients from Thomson Dental Centre are expected to receive a dental care set in 2017.


Systema Gum Care Whitening Set

Systema Gum Care Set

Educational Activities for Hygiene Care Habits

Kirei Kirei Celebrates World Hand Hygiene Day

In conjunction with World Hand Hygiene Day,* Lion Corporation Singapore educated preschool children on the importance of good hand hygiene practices using Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap product of Lion Corporation Singapore. Through art and activities, the children learned about the importance of good hygiene and practiced correct hand washing techniques with the Kirei Kirei brand ambassador. The children also learned that removing bad bacteria and retaining the good ones could keep them healthy through dance and games.

An event coordinated by the World Health Organization to promote hygiene care awareness and celebrated annually on May 5.

The Kirei Kirei brand ambassador (center) with children

An art canvas filled in by the children reinforced what they learned about the importance of practicing good hand hygiene and when they should wash their hands.

The children learned about Kirei Kirei Dual Defence (which removes bad bacteria and retains good bacteria) through dance and games.

Children washing their hands using the correct hand washing steps with Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap.