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Educational Activities for Oral Health

1 The Lion Oral Health Award

Lion Corporation Thailand (LCT) holds the Lion Oral Health Award every year since 2009. This award aims at fostering people conducting studies and activities which could be beneficial to preventive dentistry in Thailand. LCT honors and offers a cash prize for excellent studies and activities related to preventive dentistry in cooperation with influential dentists in Thailand.

In 2016, three groups received the awards. First prize was awarded to the “Community Participatory Health Awareness Increase Project” conducted in northern Thailand. Second prizes went to the “Improving Tooth Brushing Habits to Become a Village of Beautiful Teeth Project” conducted in Ranong Province in southern Thailand, and the “Oral Health Promotion Activities to Pre-school Children at Nurseries, Focusing on Parents and Community Network” conducted in Nong Bua Lamphu Province in northeast Thailand.

On the day of the award ceremony, the Public Dental Hygiene Foundation of Thailand held an academic conference and the Lion Foundation for Dental Health gave a lecture titled “Oral Care for the Elderly in Japan and the Relationship Between Oral Health and Dementia.”

Lecture by the Lion Foundation for Dental Health

The Lion Oral Health Award 2016 winners

2 Oral Care Promotional Activities in Cooperation with the Government

The Thai government has held the Health Fair since 2012 with the aim of increasing Thai citizens’ awareness of health. The 2016 Health Fair was held in Laem Chabang in Sriracha district. The fair takes place in local community centers, where medical facilities and health product retailers set up booths manned by volunteer physicians and nurses, providing checkups for participants and prescribing drugs. LCT ran a booth in this fair to communicate to participants about how oral health affects health throughout the whole body. LCT also gave guidance on tooth brushing and helped increase the oral care awareness of local residents. About 900 people participated in the Health Fair in 2016.

Tooth brushing guidance at the main stage

Giving out presents to students who won the quizzes

3 Conducting Oral Care Exercises at Seminars in a National Hospital

At Ramathibodi National Hospital, in observance of World Alzheimer’s Day* on September 21st, Medical and dentistry students of Mendol University held a seminar for elderly citizens and care givers. LCT also participated in this seminar and promoted the importance of oral health.

At the seminar, dentistry students gave a presentation titled “Healthy Oral Conditions Are Fundamental to Brain Health,” ran a booth to teach correct tooth brushing and conducted oral care check-ups of participants using a special oral camera.

LCT also set up a booth and distributed a booklet entitled “Exercises around the Mouth for a Beautiful Mouth and Teeth”, created by the Lion Foundation of Dental Health and translated into Thai, along with toothbrushes. Many people were interested in the exercises and practiced them together at the booth. About 400 people participated in the seminar, and 250 people practiced the activities described in Exercises around the Mouth for a Beautiful Mouth and Teeth at the LCT booth.

World Alzheimer’s Day was established by Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1994. September 21st is designated as a day to promote educational activities about Alzheimer’s disease.

Staff of dentistry students

Teaching mouth exercises

4 Conducting Tooth Brushing Lectures at the Community Center within the LCT Production Site

At the Sriracha plant, LCT’s production site, seminars are conducted at the Humanized Hall (a community center built within the site with the aim of enhancing communication with the local residents). In 2016, seminars on correct oral care were conducted by LCT personnel for participants ages 50 to 80. In the class, participants were taught exercises to improve oral functions and correct methods of tooth brushing and flossing. Participants were also given Good Age products, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash (products sold by LCT to improve the elderly’s oral care). In 2016, 25 people took part in this seminar.

Participants at the seminar

5 Oral Care and Health Education for Employees during Their Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the secretion of saliva tends to decrease due to an increase in the production of hormones such as estrogen, and the risks of cavities and periodontal diseases rise.

LCT conducts seminars to communicate the importance of health and oral care during pregnancy to expectant mothers in the workplace. Regarding health management, nurses of LCT’s nurse office give lectures on necessary nutrition during pregnancy. Regarding oral care during pregnancy, they conduct lectures on how a mother’s oral conditions can affect her baby’s oral health and teach correct tooth brushing. In 2016, 24 employees participated in this seminar.

Group picture of the participants

Lecture from a nurse

6 Conducting Tooth Brushing Lectures at an Environmental Fair

LCT operated a booth at the “Eco-Products International Fair 2016,” an environmental fair. The concept of the booth was to communicate to people that humans are part of the environment and that “people can harmonize with the environment as long as they are healthy.” The environmental efforts of LCT and Lion Corporation Japan were also introduced.

At the event’s main stage, LCT conducted tooth brushing seminars for elementary school students to teach that “One’s total health starts from one’s oral health,” in line with LCT’s booth concept.

Tooth brushing lectures on the main stage

Students visiting LCT’s booth

Educational Activities for Hygiene Care Habits

1 Conducting Hand Washing Classes for Elementary School Students Near the Production Site

At the Sriracha Plant, LCT’s production site, classes on correct tooth brushing have been conducted every year since 2013 for students in nearby elementary schools. In order to raise the children’s interest in tooth brushing, LCT first conducts factory tours to show them how the toothbrushes and toothpastes that they use at home are manufactured. Then, after lectures on why cavities and periodontal diseases occur are given, tooth brushing sessions are conducted. In total, 525 students have participated in this class.

In addition to the above, LCT has also started hand washing lectures from 2016. In the hand washing lectures, children first rub a special cream on their hands, which glows under a black light. Then, they are asked to wash their hands and check under the black light how well the cream came off. From this exercise, children are able to understand the hard-to-wash parts of their hands and that washing hands with just water or washing hands poorly cannot get rid of dirt properly, and are then taught proper washing techniques.

Since most of the students who participated in the hand washing lecture did not have the habit of washing their hands before lunch, LCT will continue to contribute to the establishment of hygienic habits among students. 272 elementary school students participated in 2016.

Lectures on correct oral care by LCT

Reviewing the hard-to-wash parts after checking under a black light

Checking the dirt on hands under a black light