Lion at a Glance

Lion advances business structure reforms to achieve new growth.

Changes in Our Business Environment

Social paradigms, including ways of thinking and values, are changing.

Point 1. Inclination to Health and Comfort

As Japan's population ages and its birthrate declines, people in Japan are increasingly shifting their focus from material indicators of prosperity and convenience to spiritual fulfillment. Moreover, popular attitudes toward lifestyle and health are undergoing significant change, with desire shifting from merely treating disease or extending life to securing both physical and mental comfort and fulfillment.

Point 2. Pursuit of Sustainability

The importance of sustainability is growing. We believe that the role that corporations must play in achieving a recycling-oriented, low-carbon society in harmony with nature is gaining ever greater significance.

Point 3. Transformation from a Zero-Sum Society to a Plus-Sum Society

We are moving from a zero-sum competitive society, where everyone wants to seize a piece of a limited pie, to a more collaborative plus-sum society where people are seeking to create and expand value for society as a whole. Against this backdrop, corporations will need to help solve social issues and create new value in order to improve their value.

Lion's Ideal

In recognition of ongoing social change, the Lion Group has formulated Vision2020 as an ideal to realize by 2020 and set of basic strategies to get there. Concretely, Lion has outlined this ideal in three defining characteristics. We aim to understand consumers better than any other company and provide value for spiritual fulfillment.

Three Defining Characteristics

  • Be a company that creates value for lifestyle and spiritual fulfillment
  • Be a company that is advanced in the area of environmental responsiveness
  • Be a company that continues to take on challenges, create and learn

The Ideal Lion Corporation in Fiscal 2020

A company that creates value for lifestyle and spiritual fulfillment long into the future by consistently safeguarding health, comfort and the environment for people each and every day

Realizing Our Ideal

Below are Lion's four strategies that form the framework for achieving the vision outlined above.

Point 1. Qualitative Growth of Domestic Businesses

  • Steadily grow high-value-added products
  • Expand businesses in growing markets and cultivate new markets

Point 2. Quantitative Expansion of Overseas Businesses

  • Grow global brands to increase sales
  • Expand into new areas
  • Expand production capacity

Point 3. Development of New Business Value

  • Expand the scale of the direct-to-consumer business
  • Develop new business domains

Point 4. Enhancement of Organizational Learning Capabilities

Revise operations and develop human resources to significantly invigorate the entire Company in order to achieve the management vision

Three Types of Innovation to Promote Our Strategies

Point 1. Life Innovation

Through new discoveries in life science and lifestyle science, we will continue to enlighten people in how to approach different stages of life and achieve comfortable lifestyles, in this way helping them live today to the fullest and arrive at a fulfilling tomorrow.

Point 2. Green Innovation

While further strengthening our consideration of environmental issues in our existing operations, we will contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented, low-carbon society in harmony with nature through new discoveries.

Point 3. Knowledge Innovation

Through innovation in human resource development and business processes, we will attain the excellent organizational capabilities required to create new value.

Performance Targets for 2020

Point 1. Performance Targets

Lion's quantitative targets for 2020 under Vision2020 are consolidated net sales of ¥500.0 billion and consolidated operating income of about ¥50.0 billion, with an operating income ratio of around 10%.

Point 2. Expansion of Overseas Businesses

The other major goal of Vision2020 is to significantly change Lion's business structure. In existing domestic businesses, we are focusing on improving profitability over volume growth. At the same time, we aim to increase the overseas sales ratio from about to 30% and to grow new businesses, centered mainly on the direct-to-consumer business, to 10% of net sales.