Procurement Principles

Lion does its utmost to provide safe, high quality products and services that make a difference in everyday lives by redesigning habits. Upholding this effort in the procurement of raw materials and the purchase of products, and with the cooperation of our business partners, we shall:

  1. Comply with prevailing laws and social norms and engage in appropriate, rational transactions with every business partner in a freely competitive framework that is equitable, fair and transparent;
  2. Rationally select business partners not only on the basis of quality, cost and timely delivery, but also regulatory compliance, environmental protection, labor, and human rights, to fulfill our responsibility to customers and to create a sustainable, healthy society;
  3. Respect the confidentiality of business partners' information and intellectual property rights and never engage in inappropriate or unethical acquisition or use of such information or rights;
  4. Never offer business entertainment, gifts or monetary compensation to unfairly obtain profit;
  5. Fulfill our social responsibilities together with our business partners with a shared commitment to co-existence and co-prosperity.

Established October 1, 2008
Amended January 1, 2022

Together with Supply Chains