Guidelines for Health

“Life. Love.” This slogan is about cherishing life. At Lion, we want to help make lives better every day. Maintaining health is the first, most fundamental step in putting this desire into action.

The health of a company’s employees, its first partners, is the cornerstone of the happiness and wellbeing of said employees and their families. At the same time, it is also fundamental to the sound growth of the company itself. With management and employees actively working together to maintain and improve health, we aim to create a healthy, lively corporate environment that helps improve the lives of each individual every day.

To achieve this aim while complying with relevant laws and regulations and giving due consideration to privacy, Lion promotes health management activities according to the following guidelines.

  1. Improve Health Management Abilities
    Understanding that each employee is responsible for managing their own health, Lion shall provide support to help improve individuals’ health management abilities through ongoing health management activities at the organizational level.
  2. Create Pleasant Workplaces
    Lion shall work to ensure the health of its employees by creating pleasant workplaces where employees can work in safety and confidence. The Company shall always give due consideration to employees’ health so that they can carry out their duties with vigor.
  3. Promote Future-Oriented Activities
    Lion shall utilize its unique insight and expertise to strategically promote future-oriented health management activities, from oral hygiene to overall physical health.

Established January 2012

Improving Employee Health