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Lion Forest in Yamanashi

The Lion Forest in Yamanashi is a project launched in October 2006 for the maintenance of an approximately 65-hectare area of forest owned by Yamanashi City in Mizukuchi, Yamanashi City. Yamanashi Prefecture’s first Company Forest Promotion Project , it is aimed at fostering environmental awareness among Lion employees by providing experience in the maintenance of forests, a water resource. Lion provides funding for forest maintenance, and employees engage in forest maintenance as volunteers or as part of training for new hires while building relationships with members of the local community.

The Lion Forest in Yamanashi
The Lion Forest in Yamanashi—
Where our commitment to protecting water resources
takes concrete form

We have been implementing Lion Forest in Yamanashi activities since 2006 to foster awareness of the aquatic environment among participating employees through the maintenance of forests, a water resource. Water is not only necessary for life and living, but crucial to maintaining business activities. In particular, Lion’s businesses—with such mainstay products as toothpastes, detergents and hand soaps—are deeply related to water through the act of washing. As such, we particularly focus efforts on conserving the aquatic environment through business and social contribution activities.

Through activities spanning more than a decade, the Lion Forest in Yamanashi has achieved progress in forest maintenance, including concrete results, such as promoting tree growth and CO2 absorption. The greatest achievements, however, have been the personal connections and communication built with local residents, including local elementary school students and ladies’ groups, and with forestry staff as well as the enhancement of employees’ environmental awareness that comes from getting their hands dirty. These activities allow participants to feel first-hand the importance of working with and connecting with people and protecting the global environment.

In line with its aim of being an environmentally advanced company, Lion aims to enhance the environmental awareness of each employee through Lion Forest in Yamanashi activities while further focusing efforts on environmentally friendly business activities.

Toothbrush Recycling Program

The Toothbrush Recycling Program is a program to collect used toothbrushes, which are commonly just thrown away as non-recyclable garbage, and recycle them into planters and other new plastic products. Lion launched the program, the first of its kind in Asia, in 2015, in cooperation with TerraCycle Japan.

Toothbrush Recycling Program


Participants collect used toothbrushes in various ways. Some set up collection boxes at kids’ centers, day care centers and kindergartens, while others collect toothbrushes as part of classes at schools, teaching children about the significance of the program.


The Recycling Process

Collected used toothbrushes go through several steps in the process of being recycled into planters.


Get Involved

Sign up to participate through this website [Japanese] . The website offers further details about the program and points awarded for toothbrushes collected.


Lion Chura Action

Lion Chura Action is a project to support the eco-activities of children nurturing the future of Okinawa, aimed at protecting and developing the rich ecosystems of the region and achieving lasting harmony with nature.