Creating Healthy Living HabitsLion’s Initiatives to Promote Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Lion’s Initiatives to Promote Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

We at Lion offer our sincerest condolences to all those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Immediately after the earthquake and tsunami, Lion donated supplies and money. Since then, we have continued to support recovery in the Tohoku region through a project developed and led by Lion to promote recovery and by assisting employees’ volunteer efforts.
Hoping to contribute to the swift recovery of affected areas and the health of those impacted, we will continue our support initiatives going forward.

Lion’s Activities in Ishinomaki City

Lion’s founder, Tomijiro Kobayashi, had close ties to Ishinomaki City. Honoring this connection, Lion has continued to pursue recovery support initiatives in the city since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.
In 2019, Lion formed a comprehensive collaboration agreement with the city (“love. Ishinomaki” activities) to promote the health of city residents and revitalize the area using its accumulated health improvement expertise. We will continue to implement a variety of initiatives based on employee participation.

Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement with Ishinomaki City: “love. Ishinomaki”

Since January 2019, Lion has been implementing activities in five areas for collaboration agreed upon with the city.

Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement [Japanese]

Area for Collaboration 1: Health Promotion and Dental Health Measures

Lion carries out oral healthcare activities for citizens with the goals of increasing the health of local residents and increasing their healthy life expectancy. Specific activities currently being implemented are listed below.

(1) Oral healthcare leader development lectures by dental hygienists (three times)

(2) Promoting toothbrush recycling. Setting up collection boxes at city offices and event spaces to promote the collection of used toothbrushes and proper toothbrush replacement.

(3) Promotion of participation by city elementary schools in the Oral Health Event of Tooth Brushing for Children

Furthermore, to support the healthy development of children, Lion’s rugby club, the Lion Fangs, holds rugby lessons for kids.

Area for Collaboration 2: Disaster Countermeasures

Lion provides information on hygiene and health care in times of disaster to help establish cleanliness and hygiene habits.

Area for Collaboration 3: Promoting Gender Equality in Society

In line with Ishinomaki City’s Basic Plan for Gender Equality, Lion is advancing its Kaji × Kaji Happy Share Project, working to foster awareness of gender equality among the citizens of Ishinomaki.

Partner Organizations

The page below provides information on NGOs and NPOs that support or cooperate on Lion’s projects.