Sustainability History

Lion's Sustainability

Lion's ideal vision can be traced to our founder Tomijiro Kobayashi's spirit of "working for the benefit of people and society." This ideal, to contribute to society through business activities, has inspired our drive to promote happier, richer lives for all people. Today, the spirit of the ideal is expressed in our corporate motto, management philosophy and the Lion Group Charter for Corporate Behavior.

The Lion Group’s History of Addressing Social Issues

Lion’s Founding

The birth of Lion
Tomijiro Kobayashi established T. Kobayashi & Co. to trade in soap and the raw materials of matches.

Lion's first social contribution initiative
Began a social contribution program using charity coupons printed on packets of Lion Toothpowder

Japan's first toothpaste for children
Held first oral hygiene lecture
Launched Kodomo Toothpowder (today Kodomo Toothpaste) for schoolchildren

Growth of Core Businesses

Japan's first plant-derived laundry soap
Launched plant-derived Lion Laundry Soap

Japan's first dental clinic for children
Opened a dental clinic for children (renamed the Lion Dental Clinic for Children in 1938)
Spreading better laundry washing methods
Opened the Family Laundry Information Service Center (renamed the Lion Laundry Science Laboratories in 1936 and the Household Science Laboratories in 1957)

Launched Lipon F, the world's first kitchen detergent for washing fruit, vegetables and tableware
Launched dental hygiene activities for mothers and their children (later named the Tanpopo (“Dandelion”) Initiative

Beginning to Address Environmental Issues

Launched the laundry detergent Dash, formulated with highly biodegradable alpha-olefin sulfonate (AOS)
Established the Environmental Problems Countermeasures Committee
Created phosphate-free detergent, ahead of the industry
Moved ahead of the times to develop an early phospate-free detergent and released it as Seseragi

Launched Murin Top (Enzyme Power Top), Lion's first majorly successful phosphate-free detergent
Founded Lion Oleochemical Co., Ltd., which produced highly biodegradable raw surfactant materials from palm oil
Established the Environmental Action Promotion Committee (renamed Environmental conservation committee in 2004, Sustainability Promotion meeting in 2019)

Launched Spark laundry detergent, formulated with the highly biodegradable surfactant MES, made from palm oil, as the main ingredient
Received the Minister of International Trade and Industry Award as a consumer-oriented excellent company
Published the Company's first Environmental Report

Promoting Comfort—For People and the Planet

All of Lion's factories received ISO 14001 certification
ECO LION Declaration
Established the Lion Eco Standards as a set of new criteria for product environmental friendliness
Established the Lion Forest in Yamanashi
Published the Company's first CSR Report, combining information about initiatives to address social issues with the information previously published in the Lion Environmental Report
Received the 16th Grand Prize for the Global Environment Award
Became the first manufacturing company to receive Eco First certification from the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.
Began participating in the United Nations Global Compact
Announced its support for the United Nations Global Compact and joined the Global Compact Network Japan

Released TOP NANOX super-concentrated liquid laundry detergent, formulated with plant-based high-detergency ingredient MEE for easy, one-rinse washing and environmental friendliness (this product was rereleased as TOP SUPER NANOX in 2016)
Announced Eco Vision 2020, a set of environmental targets
Launched an environmental logo and environmental label as a means of communicating environmental information to consumers through products
Announced LION Eco Challenge 2050, a set of long-term environmental objectives