An Aqueous Antiperspirant That Provides a “Just Showered” Feeling Introducing a New Morning Routine:

Lion to Release “Ban Shower Deodorant,” a Product Offering Protection against Odor Thanks to Deep Nano Ion Sterilization and Featuring a Blend of Powder Ingredients That Provide a Long-Lasting Feeling of Smooth Skin

Lion Corporation (President: Itsuo Hama) announces the nationwide release, on Wednesday, February 13, 2013, of “Ban Shower Deodorant,” a new aqueous antiperspirant that offers protection against odor for the entire body thanks to deep nano ion sterilization and that is blended with proprietary micro powder ingredients to provide a long-lasting feeling of smooth skin.
“Ban Shower Deodorant,” which is applied as a mist spray, leaves skin feeling fresh and dry, removing the sticky feeling of perspiration, much like taking a shower. Applied once in the morning, it provides all-day comfort and frees the user from worry about perspiration and odor. For women who desire a refreshing start to their day, Lion proposes the new habit of using “Ban Shower Deodorant” in the morning.

Ban Shower Deodorant

1. Objective of Introducing the New Product
A Lion survey revealed that 61% of working women in their 20s and 30s are concerned about body odor. Of this number, 84% use deodorants each morning before they go to work. Moreover, 59% of them apply deodorants to not only their underarm areas but their backs, necks and other body parts. This seems to indicate a high awareness of the need to address body odor. Furthermore, the survey revealed that, for those who regularly use deodorants in the morning to control perspiration and odor, this practice also seems to refresh them and “switch on” their minds as they get ready for the day ahead.
Moreover, many women find it difficult to take a bath or shower in the morning even though they desire to do so. The reasons given by such women, totaling 67% of working women even in summer, included “not enough time” and “it’s too much bother.” (Lion survey in 2012)
On this occasion, Lion Corporation will release “Ban Shower Deodorant,” a new aqueous antiperspirant that, by controlling odor and offering a long-lasting feeling of smooth skin, provides a “just showered” feeling.
Lion is a staunch supporter of working women, encouraging them to feel confident and keep smiling throughout the day by offering the “Ban” series, which can resolve their concerns over body odor at any time and in any place thanks to nano ion technologies. Under the keywords “Ban & Go,” in 2013 Lion proposes that such working women adopt the new habit of using “Ban Shower Deodorant” in the morning. This will, in turn, raise their spirits prior to any occasion, such as going out. In doing so, Lion aims to help women maintain a positive and active attitude.

2. Product features
(1) Boasting greater odor prevention effectiveness thanks to deep nano ion sterilization
The nano ion antibacterial agent benzalkonium chloride deeply penetrates the pores to sterilize odor-producing bacteria.
(2) A long-lasting feeling of smooth skin thanks to proprietary micro powder ingredients
Our proprietary micro powder, which is frictionless on the skin, controls sticky perspiration to promote a sustained feeling of extreme smoothness.
(3) A trigger-type container that keeps users’ hands clean and that works even when upside down
Featuring a container equipped with a user-friendly trigger that operates even when the container is inverted, users are able to spray the product anywhere on all their body, including the neck, arms, chest and such hard to reach areas as the back.
(4) Offered in five fragrances
Available in “Light Fragrance,” “Soap,” “Floral,” “Citrus” and “Water Lily.”

3. Contents and Price
Product NameNet WeightRetail Price
Ban Shower Deodorant
Light Fragrance  120ml No
retail price
Water Lily