LION Human Rights Policy

(1)Objective and Ideals

    LION Group implements a variety of measures to realize the “fulfilling a spirit of love”, which is our basic management policy.
    To illustrate, our “Lion Group Charter for Corporate Behavior” provides for “respect of human rights”, “observing both the spirit as well as the letter of all applicable laws and international rules”, whilst our “Behavioral Guidelines” also provides for non-tolerance of child labor and forced labor, equal employment opportunities, fair treatment of employees and also indicates respect for human rights by suppliers. Furthermore, we expressed support of the “10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact” in 2009.
    We hereby set forth “LION Human Rights Policy” to put in statutory form our endeavors to implement these measures because respect for human rights is indispensable for people’s living, pursuing happiness and improvement of quality of human life.

(2)Respect for Human Rights

  1. LION Group supports and respects such international norms on human rights as “International Bill of Human Rights” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights), “United Nations Global Compact” and “ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work”.
  2. LION Group will not trigger or foment any adverse impact on human rights through its corporate activities. In the event of occurrence of such adverse impact on human rights, we will take remedial actions appropriately.
  3. LION Group will, even where it is not directly fomenting any adverse impact on human rights, oppose and further endeavor to mitigate any adverse impact on human rights through relevant transactional activities.

(3)Management System for Respect of Human Rights (Human Rights Due Diligence)

  1. LION Group will monitor and evaluate any adverse impact on human rights or fomentation thereof triggered by its corporate activities and any such adverse impact directly relevant to its corporate activities.
  2. LION Group will collect information pertaining to the risk of generating any adverse impact on human rights not only from LION Group but also from such parties as suppliers with close ties to LION Group and further endeavor to prevent actual manifestation of such risks.
  3. LION Group will endeavor to maintain and develop such effective devices as whistle-blowing hotlines with a view to identifying and adequately tackling any adverse impact on human rights.

(4)Dialogue and Discussion

    LION Group will, in the event of actual or threatened occurrence of any adverse impact on human rights, take opportunities to dialogue and sincerely discuss with relevant stakeholders.


    LION Group will continuously educate employees so that the whole group becomes more familiar with correct knowledge about respect for human rights.


    Whenever it has been revealed that any adverse impact on human rights has been triggered or fomented by LION Group, LION Group will endeavor to take remedial actions by appropriate means.

(7)Disclosure of Information

    LION Group will, from time to time, disclose and publish the status of our own endeavors in the field of respect for human rights and the like on its website and others.

Established January 1st, 2019
Lion Corporation