Corporate Philosophy

Company Motto

Lion Corporation positions “Fulfilling a Spirit of Love” as fundamental to its management, and thus contributes to the enrichment of the happiness and lives of people.

Management Philosophy

  1. We bring together the power of our personnel, the power of our technology and the power of our marketing, as we provide superior products that are helpful in the daily lives of people.
  2. We respect the “Spirit of Tenacity and Creativity” that we have maintained since our founding, as we continue developing our business.
  3. We deeply appreciate all those who extend their valuable support to us, as we prosper together through sincerity and mutual trust.

The Heart of All We Do

Lion has been a regular part of everyday life for more than 130 years. In that time, we have seen how ordinary days, one at a time, add up to a lifetime. Moreover, we have come to believe that each new day is the first step into a bright future, and that living every day positively and to the fullest is the essence of happiness. That is why we have made it our mission at Lion to contribute to ordinary life, every day, and reflected this commitment in our corporate slogan.

Corporate Message