Lion Receives the 2020 Tokyo Governor Prize for Corporate Governance of the Year*

Jan. 28, 2021 Sustainability


Lion Corporation received the 2020 Tokyo Governor Prize for Corporate Governance of the Year under the Corporate Governance of the Year award program sponsored by the Japan Association of Corporate Directors (JACD; Chairman: Yoshihiko Miyauchi).
The Corporate Governance of the Year award program was launched in fiscal 2015 with the aim of encouraging corporations that achieve sound growth over the medium to long term through good corporate governance. In this endeavor, the JACD has been endorsed by the Financial Services Agency; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Ministry of Justice; Tokyo Metropolitan Government; and Tokyo Stock Exchange/Japan Exchange Group, Inc.
* Corporate Governance of the Year is a registered trademark of JACD

■ Reasons that Lion Received the Prize
Lion received the prize in recognition of its proactive promotion of ESG initiatives, including those aimed at environmental protection and workstyle reform, in addition to having excellent corporate governance.

■Message from Mr. Masazumi Kikukawa, Representative Director and President, Lion Corporation
With the aim of contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society and expanding business, the Lion Group formulated the LION Eco Challenge 2050 Long-Term Environmental Objectives to address global environmental problems.
Amid current conditions, Lion strongly reaffirms the importance of its purpose, namely, “Make a difference in everyday lives by redesigning habits.” Further encouraged by this prize, going forward we will continue creating social and economic value by striving in line with this purpose to benefit even more consumers, especially in Asia, while continuing to promote management focused on ESG issues.

The Company positions compliance assurance as a priority for corporate governance and to this end works to enhance management transparency, strengthen oversight functions, and speed up decision making. We aim to enhance corporate value by working to reinforce our corporate governance structure.

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