Lion Receives the Excellence Award in the 24th Environmental Communication Awards

Feb. 22, 2021 Sustainability


Lion Corporation received the Excellence Award (the Judging Committee Chairman’s Award) in the environmental reporting category of the 24th Environmental Communication Awards organized by the Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum for the Lion Integrated Report 2020 and Lion Integrated Report 2020: Sustainability.
The Environmental Communication Awards are an award system aimed at encouraging businesses’ environmental communication initiatives and improving their quality by recognizing outstanding reporting on environmental data and activities. The Excellence Award in the environmental reporting category, which Lion received, is given for reports that demonstrate a certain level of excellence and serve as a model for other companies in the same industry or other companies of similar size.

Environmental Communication Awards
Excellence Award
Environmental Reporting

Lion Integrated Report 2020 and Lion Integrated Report 2020: Sustainability
The Lion Integrated Report and Lion Integrated Report: Sustainability are intended to facilitate a deeper understanding of Lion among shareholders, investors and other stakeholders.
The Lion Integrated Report 2020 lays out the connections between financial and non-financial information as well as Lion’s initiatives to create social value and increase its corporate value over the medium to long term. The Lion Integrated Report 2020: Sustainability covers Lion’s sustainability activities in more detail, including its Sustainability Material Issues, targets for 2030 and initiatives aimed at achieving the LION Eco Challenge 2050, a set of long-term environmental objectives established in 2019.
The award was bestowed in recognition of the quality of Lion’s reporting on its revision of material issues from a long-term perspective and related designation of quantitative performance indicators as well as its establishment of long-term environmental objectives aimed at solving issues related to decarbonization, plastics and water resources.

■Awards Ceremony
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the awards ceremony for the 24rd Environmental Communication Awards was held online on February 17, 2021.

Lion will continue working to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, proactively advancing environmental protection initiatives in cooperation with consumers and local communities.

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